From NCT 127’s Taeyong To AOA’s Seolhyun: Here’s A List Of K-Pop Idols Born In 1995

Let’s Meet K-Pop Idols Who Born In 1995!

Everybody who born in 1995 is has a pig zodiac sign, according to Chinese zodiac. People who have that sign is described as someone who has some trait such as honest, really overt so something or someone, and care. They are also easy to be friendly and hardworking. Also, they have high innovation and creativity. Based on a birth year, many K-Pop Idols had born in 95’s such as NCT 127’s Taeyong, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, BTS’ Jimin, until AOA’s Seolhyun. In addition to having these traits, the 95-liners idol also has an amazing visual!

Besides the idols mentioned above, there are still many other idols from various groups that fall into the 95-liners category. Therefore to find out more fully, in this article, Channel-Korea will give you one by one about who are idols born in 1995. So, stay tuned!

NCT 127’s Taeyong

First, NCT 127’s Taeyong. Who’s doesn’t know this NCT 127’s handsome rapper? Taeyong is an idol who was born on July 1, 1995, in Seoul, and he’s a graduate of the School of Performing Arts Seoul. Before he became an idol, he wanted to become a firefighter, but eventually, his destiny said otherwise, and he became one of the famous idols now!

Taeyong is NCT 127’s rapper who’s able to bind many fans because of his visuals and skills. But, how was his transformation from his childhood until now? You can see it in the photo below!

He joins to S.M. Entertainment n 2012, at that time, he has joined S.M Casting System at his school. A year after that, he was introduced by his agency as S.M. Rookies, and until finally, he joined with NCT in 2016 and entered in the sub-units name NCT U and NCT 127.


Beside Taeyong, the next idol who is 95-liners is MAMAMOO’s Maknae, Hwasa. Hwasa has a real name, Ahn Hye-jin, and he joined with MAMAMOO in 2014. But who would have thought her career journey wasn’t as easy as imagined. Her family once opposed her desire to become a singer and asked by her mother to be a monk. But because she has perseverance and never gave up to show her talent, she finally became a singer with MAMAMOO. She also has several singles of her own, one of which is Twit. 

She is dubbed as the sexiest MAMAMOO’s member, and she has her charm. But how was her transformation when she was young? So look at below!

BTOB’s Sungjae

Maknae and also BTOB’s Face of The Group has extraordinary talents, besides being a singer, he’s an actor! Before joining with BTOB, he played in Living In Chingdamdong drama, and then in 2012, he called BTOB’s member. He also success became an actor by starring in various dramas, such as Who Are You: School 2015. 

WJSN’s Exy

Exy is a Cosmic Girls’ member or better known as WJSN. Before she debuts with the group, she is the contestant of rap competition Unpretty Rapstar Season 2. She’s representative of her birth sign, and she has the nature of unyielding and very friendly! It can be proven by her trainee period, which is for eight years!

Day6’s Dowon

Day6 is a JYP’s popular rock band where there’s a member name, Dowon, and he born on August 25, 1995. Since his childhood, he has been interested in drums, and he had been played it since he was 16. Then, he successfully debuted with Day6 in 2015 as a drummer!
Maybe you are curious about his transformation from childhood until now, so look at it below!


BLACKPINK’s member who called as “Miss Korea” turned out to be included in 95-liners! Jisoo has amazing visuals, and she even got a position as a lead vocalist and visual in the group. This idol, who born on January 3, 1995, evidently when she was a kid she very fond of showing her skill in front of many people; she also very popular in her school because of her pretty face as below!

She ran her trainee for five years since 2011 and debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016. Before her debut, she had been a model of EPIK HIGH and HI SUHYUN’s MV, and also she becomes a cameo in The Producers. Because of her vision, she was offered a chance to become an SM’s trainee!

iKON’s Bobby

iKon’s rapper that born on December 21, 1995, since childhood, he already has amazing visuals! It turns out that his face had no change. He was still the same as when he was a child. He has white skin, small eyes, and an adorable smile!

Before being iKon’s member, he’s the winner of Show Me The Money 3 in 2014, then because of his prowess that YG was very interested in him. His career journey isn’t easy because he has become a winner in SMTM, but he also has to run his trainee period by becoming a model of HI SUHYUN and Taeyang MV.

A-Pink’s Namjoo

Apink member, whose real name is Kim Nam-Joo, was born on April 15, 1995. She’s known as a singer and an actress through her acting on web dramas. She also debuted as musical drama actress Romeo and Juliet in 2017. Her career as a singer began in 2010 by joined Cube Entertainment through Cube Party Auditions and debut with Apink in 2011.

Before debut, she starred in a 2007 TV Commercial when she was 13. She has an amazing visual, even though she has undergone plastic surgery, but her previous face did look beautiful, like the photo below!