NCT’s Shotaro: Profile, Birthday, Look A Like, etc.

NCT Shotaro’s Performance on Stage


“Make a Wish” has a powerful dance, and all of the members showed fierce looks while performing this song, then there’s Shotaro with his eye-smiles who looks so cute despite his amazing dance skill. This is one of the reasons that makes Shotaro virals in the Korean online community. He’s too cute!

One of the funny things is that people who found Shotaro’s pre-debut era noticed that Shotaro’s styles are different from his style right now. Shotaro back then looks so fierce and has a hip-hop style, while Shotaro that we know right now is cute and soft.

But now, let’s see the performances of Shotaro in NCT performing his debut song, “Make a Wish” and “Resonance”!

The number of NCT members probably will confuse you if you’re not into them or rarely see NCT’s performances. Then again, all of the members in NCT are so charismatic and talented. It’s hard to focus on one member, Shotaro, the cute guy who dances really well. Don’t worry. We have gathered some videos that only focused on Shotaro! Let’s check this out!

What do you think of Shotaro’s performances as a K-pop idol? He’s really talented, right? Just wait until he shakes the K-pop industry with his powerful dances.

NCT Shotaro’s TikTok Dances

shotaro nct

We mentioned that Shotaro has been active as a dancer since he was so young. He also uploaded some of his dancing performances on social media such as TikTok or YouTube. Although Shotaro’s accounts have been removed since he has joined NCT, fans can still trace down his old accounts and collected some performances of Shotaro’s dancing.

As a youngster who followed the trend, Shotaro had a TikTok account once. There, he uploaded videos of him dancing to some of the TikTok trends and some of K-pop songs’ cover dance. Let’s see Shotaro’s old pre-debut videos down below!

Compared to right now, Shotaro’s styles were more to hip-hop styles and even darker. He looks fierce and intimidating. But he turned into a soft-sweet-cute guy after debuted with NCT.

What do you think about Shotaro’s old videos on TikTok? Share your thoughts in the comment, please.

NCT Shotaro’s Look A Like Otter, Roo from Winnie The Pooh, etc.


It’s normal to see some K-pop idols who look like other celebrities. In the K-pop industry, even in Hollywood too, we see that some celebrities look like other celebrities too. As for K-pop idols, sometimes their faces remind fans of other idols’ faces.

But Shotaro’s case is different. His face reminds fans of cartoon characters instead of celebrities. You probably noticed just by seeing his eyes that fade away when he smiles. The shape of his eyes just reminded fans about Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

What do you think about their resemblance? Shotaro is really cute, just like Roo. If we combined their name, it would be Shotaroo, right? What’s your opinion about this? Share your thoughts in the comment, please.


We have reached the end of the article of Shotaro from NCT. He might start his idol career recently compared to other members in NCT, but he was so experienced in dancing, no wonder that NCT proudly enough to claimed him as the main dancer. Shotaro is also a sweet guy, and he treats the fans nicely too. Have you fallen for him already? Which of his charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment, please!