From a Promise to a Reality Show, Here Is Everything about NCT’s ‘Rooftop Fight’ That You Need to Know!

NCT Dream 'rooftop fight'

Did NCT Dream’s Members Get Into a Fight?

K-pop idols always find an attractive way to please the fans, just like NCT Dream that made a promise that it kept which turned out to be something that made the fans get beyond excited! Do you have any idea what it is? Yes, it is a reality show titled Rooftop Fight from NCT! In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you more about NCT’s Rooftop Fight, so keep on reading!

What Is NCT’s Rooftop Fight?

NCT Dream 'rooftop fight'

NCT is one of SM Entertainment‘s boy groups that has various charms. NCT also has several sub-units such as NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, and the Chinese sub-unit WayV. This time, we will focus on NCT Dream and their projects!

NCT Dream consists of Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle, Jaemin, and Jisung with Mark as the leader and Jisung as the maknae. The group debuted on August 25, 2016, with the hit single “Chewing Gum.” Just like the expectations, the group easily increased its fame and released a lot of other singles, albums, and even filmed various program shows as well!

nct dream 'rooftop fight'

NCT’s Rooftop Fight is marked as one of NCT Dream’s reality shows that has 3 episodes. It is a series to celebrate NCT Dream’s Jisung’s coming of age and a promise between the members to have a “fight” when Jisung became an adult. Do you want to know more about NCT’s Rooftop Fight? Here are the details:

From a Promise to the Dream That Came True

NCT Dream 'rooftop fight'

NCT Dream debuted with a cheerful and teenage boy concept. As time went by, the boys grew up into more mature men who also have their own dreams. Through certain interviews, the members of NCT Dream revealed that they wanted to do something together after they all became adults. What was it?

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Initially, the members were joking about making a promise that they would wear suits on rainy days together and go to a rooftop to have an epic fight just like from an action movie. When the fans asked about when they will do it, Renjun explained that the members have to wait until Jisung turns to an adult as well as wait for the rainy day.

nct dream 'rooftop fight'

Turns out, the promise finally became true! It happened through the broadcast reality show NCT’s Rooftop Fight that premiered on January 26, 2021, with the final episode airing on January 30, 2021!

Check Out the Compilation of NCT’s Rooftop Fight Here!

NCT Dream 'rooftop fight'

Jisung feels like the main character of the series, and you can see this in the prologue of NCT’s Rooftop Fight! Meanwhile, the other members also gather together in fancy suits and pose as if they are doing a photoshoot!

In the first episode, the members are celebrating the day of Jisung finally becoming an adult with Jeno acting as the MC of the event! They sing together and ask Jisung to have a drink. Jaemin even made a congratulatory speech for Jisung’s adult period!

In the next episode, there are games between Jisung and the 6 members. The first game starts with an initial consonant game that relates to Jisung. The answer is the famous quote from him, “I am strong and I like you guys!” In the next game, they play recorders together with the various team partners. Go watch the full version of the clip below:

NCTzen’s Reactions about NCT’s Rooftop Fight

NCT Dream 'rooftop fight'

NCT’s Rooftop Fight‘s moments have become the most awaited moments for NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) all over the world! When it was finally released and the fans could watch it, they became enlivened! Through Twitter, they shared various reactions just like these statements:

“One of my favorite moment is when he [Haechan] scream in Rooftop Fight, it’s cute though”

“Haechan and Jisung are so extra [in Rooftop Fight]”

“SM ent didn’t debut Lucas in NCT Dream because they know no one will survive if he’s included in Rooftop Fight”

“Rooftop Fight is full of chaos yet I loved it!!”

“Why can’t Dispatch just reveal the winner of the Rooftop Fight instead of couples”

After two years of waiting, NCTzens could finally enjoy the real Rooftop Fight moments of NCT Dream’s members! The reality show is filled with joy and laughter even though it was initially a daydream wish and a joke between them! What are your favorite moments from NCT’s Rooftop Fight? Write your answer down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!