NCT’s Renjun: Profile, Facts, ‘The Prince of China’

nct renjun

NCT DREAM’s Chinese Member Hwang Ren-jun

Renjun was made his debut as a K-Pop idol in South Korea while he was still at a young age. His hard work was eventually paid off since his popularity also increasing within each day. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about NCT Dream’s Renjun, so stay tuned!

Renjun’s Full Profile

nct renjun

Birth Name: Huang Ren Jun (黄仁俊)

Korean Name: Hwang In-joon (황인준)

Stage Name: Renjun (런쥔)

Date of Birth: Jilin, China, March 23, 2000

Age: 20 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Blood Type: O

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Label: SM Entertainment

Years Active: 2016 – present

Associated With: NCT, NCT Dream, NCT U

10 Interesting Facts of Renjun

nct renjun
  • Renjun was the only child in his family
  • Renjun was graduated from Jilin Korean Ethnic Minority Experiment Elementary School and Middle School, then also from Beijing Contemporary Music School
  • He grew up bilingual in Korean and Mandarin. But, he also understand English very well
  • Renjun was entered SM Entertainment while knowing how to speak Korean
  • He said that EXO’s Don’t Go was the song which made him wanted to be an idol
  • Before his debut, he used to studying ballet and contemporary dance
  • He loves to drawing, and mostly using iPad
  • Renjun also like fashion
  • His favorite food is hot pot and he doesn’t like coriander
  • His favorite sunbae is EXO’s Lay, and he really appreciated him

Renjun’s Debut with NCT Dream

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Renjun was debuted at a young age as the third sub-unit group member NCT Dream in August 2016! The group’s first concept was the teen-aged sub-unit of NCT, and they have been released a debut single Chewing Gum which gained a lot of attention! They also perform the song through a debut stage on M! COUNTDOWN. In the group, Renjun was in charge as the lead dancer and main vocalist.

Chewing Gum was becoming one of the most successful singles since it was entered the Spotify Viral 50 charts and World Digital Sales charts as well! Later on, NCT Dream has released their first single album The First and successfully debuted as number one on Gaon Chart. It also leads NCT Dream to received their first music show win on The Show afterward!

Renjun’s Solo Activity

nct renjun

NCT Dream’s Renjun also participated in other activities outside his schedule with NCT. In 2019, Renjun officially became the radio DJ for a program named Akdong Seoul. It was aired by TBS EFM on 21.00 KST. Throughout the show, Renjun was talking about different topics in each day, as well as communicated with the listeners. With his soft and deep voice, Renjun was made the listeners felt really comfortable during his session!

nct dream renjun

Watch one of Renjun’s session on Akdong Seoul here:

Renjun’s Discography

nct renjun

NCT Dream’s Renjun’s personal discography:

Collaboration Singles

Year Title
2018 Hair In The Air (with Yeri, Jeno, and Jaemin)
2020 A New Beginning (with Chenle)

Renjun’s Filmography

nct renjun

NCT Dream’s Renjun’s individual filmography:

TV Show

Year Title Role
2018 Weekly Idol Guest
2019 Idol Room Guest


Radio Show

Year Title Role
2019 – 2020 Akdong Seoul Radio DJ

Renjun’s Radio Show and Comeback with NCT

nct renjun

Previously, Renjun was busy with his schedule as a Radio DJ in EFM TBS for the program Akdong Seoul. He has been involved within the program since a year ago, and the program was finished in October 2020. Currently, Renjun is busy preparing another comeback for NCT 2020 Pt. 2 which reportedly would be released in the middle of November 2020. Renjun and the sub-unit group NCT U just dropped their latest single entitled From Home as well!

Watch the latest single from Renjun and NCT U here:

That was all of the information about NCT Dream’s Renjun! We are looking forward to his upcoming project from him in the future as soon as possible, so let’s give him a bunch of support!

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