Often Referred To As Pretty Grasses; Find Out More About NCT’s Official Fandom Name!


Let’s Meet The Fandom of ‘NCT’, the Boy-group from SM Entertainment!

NCT is a boy-group formed by SM Entertainment, as we all already know. SM Entertainment is South Korea’s largest entertainment company, founded in 1995 by Lee Soo-man. The company has developed and popularized numerous K-pop stars with huge global fandoms. SM is known for having led the global K-pop phenomenon, and the musical side of “Hallyu”, also known as the “Korean Wave”.
The name of NCT stands for the Hallyu localization project Neo Culture Technology. This group’s concept involves having an unlimited number of members divided into multiple sub-units based in various cities, worldwide. So far, NCT has 21 members.
This group is divided into several sub-units, namely NCT U (Whose members change, depending on who fits that concept), NCT 127 (Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Winwin, and Haechan), NCT Dream (Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung), and, the last, WayV (Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang). NCT U made their debut on April 9, 2016, with the digital singles “The 7th Sense” and “Without You.” The second unit, NCT 127, is based in Seoul, and debuted on July 7, 2016, with the EP ‘NCT # 127’. The third unit, NCT Dream, made its debut on August 24, 2016, with the digital single “Chewing Gum.” The fourth unit, WayV, is based in China and debuted on January 17, 2019, with the single album ‘The Vision’. Of course, NCT has a lot of members, all of whom are handsome and talented, as well as having many members from various countries. The members all come from large agencies such as SM Entertainment, all of which has encouraged NCT’s worldwide popularity. The group is loved by many people. let’s find out more about the fandom of NCT!

NCT’s Fandom Name

A year after NCT was introduced to the public in 2016, SM Entertainment asked fans to send in suggestions for NCT’s official fandom name in February, 2017. After a long wait, on June 12, 2017, The members of NCT (NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream) gathered together and shared the exciting news during their Naver V app broadcast. Their official fandom name was revealed to be ‘NCTzen’, basically meaning all the fans are citizens of NCT (which can also sound like N City), meaning that the fans are the part of the city.
The members also decided on a nickname for their fans. Chenle said, “I want to call them  ‘Tisney’,” bringing up the cuteness that Disney evokes, while Doyoung said, “I would say ‘Seasony’ or ‘Genie’. I thought of ‘Zenie’, but I think ‘Genie’ would be better because it can also mean ‘Our luck.’ ‘Seasony’ is us saying that our fans are precious to us like the four seasons.
The members voted and decided on ‘Seasony‘ as a nickname for their fans. The group members immediately began affectionately using it when talking about their fans.

NCT’s Lightstick


On May 7, 2018, at the ‘NCT 2018 Fan Party’, the members appeared on stage with the official light sticks for the very first time. Their group name is boldly designed in neon green on the squared head of the white stick.


Their reaction became the center of many inside jokes in the fandom. The members themselves looked kinda confused when they first revealed their official lightsticks, LOL. NCT fans have different reactions about the new lightstick. Fans are giving varying reactions on the official goods, commenting, “I think I could make it better than that..”, “Looks like a freaking hammer”, “I think it looks good”, “It’s not too bad.” Some called it “NCT Lightstick Thor” because of its hammer-like design.


According to the SM official website shop (smglobalshop.com), the NCT lightstick has a square shape and features an iconic logo. It lights up in neon green. This lightstick can create an unforgettable atmosphere at your next NCT concert.

Content + Care:
-Light Mode: On, Blink, Flicker, Off
-Maximum Operation: 5 Hours
-Power: 3 AAA Batteries
-Weight: 1.5lbs /680g
-Concert light syncing feature / Changes color


• All Pre-Orders for the NCT Official Fanlight (Lightstick) will begin shipping starting 11/1/19.

• Order Processing Time: 1-3 days, (3-5 days during high volume) after order confirmation. Make sure your address is in English at check-out.

• Notice: Pre-Orders have a strict no cancellation policy

• Official merchandise certified by SM Entertainment

Different from most Lightsticks, NCT’s Lightstick is packaged in a tube-shaped box, nuanced in neon green and black. When opened, the lightstick is protected by foam so that it is well protected.
This NCT lightstick is already paired with a neon green rubber strap. This strap can also be unbuttoned, and the button on the strap has an NCT symbol that makes it even more elegant. This lightstick requires three of AAA batteries and has four modes. The first mode, it’s just on without any blinking, the second mode blinks slowly, the third mode makes it blink more quickly, and the last mode, the fourth mode, it’s blinking more slowly. This lightstick can also be connected with Bluetooth.
The package also includes a guide about the Lightstick, and a dustbag the size of the Lightstick.

WayV’s Lightstick


WayV is a Chinese boy-group which serves as the fourth, and China-based, unit of the South Korean boy-group NCT. The group was announced to be under SM Entertainment’s new China-exclusive label, Label V. The group is a sub-unit of NCT, although it is not being promoted as a NCT group. Some journalists theorized that the distancing of WayV from the NCT label was due to tense relations between China and South Korea. Despite this, SM Entertainment A&R Executive Chris Lee acknowledged WayV as NCT’s China-based unit.

On September 27, 2019, WayV introduced their fans to their first official fan lightstick, The simplistic design of WayV’s official fan lightstick takes the shape of WayV’s signature ‘V’ shape, while also taking structural elements from NCT’s official fan light stick.

It has packaging similar to the NCT lightstick. WayV’s lightstick is also packaged in a tubular box, in neon green and black. The difference is the writing on the packaging, which reads “WayV” in Chinese.
More or less, the packaging and design of this lightstick have a similar color to the NCT Lightstick, but has a different head design. In the package there is a lightstick, a guide book, a dustbag the size of the Lightstick, and, also different from the NCT Lightstick, the WayV Lightstick gets a special warranty card.
This lightstick also requires three AAA batteries and has three modes: on-blink slowly-blink fast-on-off.


NCT’s Fanchant


NCT has a variety of sub-units with different members. Following is how the ‘NCTzens’  support their idols in the form of giving fanchants to each unit and their appearances.






On November 9, 2019, NCT’s YouTube channel account uploaded a fanchant guide conducted by members of NCT Dream for the song “You and Me”. At the end of the video, the NCT members expressed their hope to enjoy their concert.