Check Out NCT’s Mark’s Appearance in MBC ‘It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket’

NCT’s Mark’s Funny And Cute Moments on MBC’s “It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket”

Do you like the South Korean variety show, It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket, which aired on MBC? The show aired between April 5 – July 12, 2018 with Season 1 and Season 2, and had 14 episodes in total.

It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket (hangul: 이불 밖은 위험해) was directed by Choi Haeng-ho and Lee Yoon-hwa, and was written by Kim Hyun-kyung and Son Mi-na. The show starred K-idols and actors who appeared in each episode showed their activities when going on a trip with other cast members and having fun together.

If you want to find out more about the variety show It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket, and one of the cast members in particular, NCT’s Mark, you can read more in the article below!

Interaction With Other Cast

As reported from SBS PopAsia HQ on May 4, 2018, NCT’s Mark was announced to be the next idol who would appear on It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket, where the cast would going on a holiday in Vietnam. The episode when Mark joined the show would be aired after filming was complete in Jeju Island and Namhae.

Anyway, Mark is known to be one of the youngest cast members in It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket, and he has the cutest interactions with the other cast members. Check out NCT’s Mark with the other cast below!

Mark and Kang Daniel

On May 13, 2018, MBC aired an episode of It’s Dangerous Outside the Blanket. In the episode, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, NCT’s Mark, actor Lee Yi-kyung, and HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Jun-hyung went to Da Nang, Vietnam, to film their friendship and excitement together.

Kang Daniel and Lee Yi-kyung arrived at the location a day after Yong Jun-hyung and Mark. Daniel agreed to share a room with Mark.

After getting acquainted and walking around in their lodging, Daniel commented to Mark, “You’re just entering adulthood (according to age calculations in South Korea) this year, right? I think this must be the first time a 20-year-old celebrity appears on the show ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blanket.

Kang Daniel is older than Mark, which is why the “Boomerang” singer was very attentive to to the younger idol. The two of them got along very easily and talked casually with each other.

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel also said, “Because you became an MC on the same program as Ong Seong-woo, actually I heard quite often about you.

After that, Kang Daniel decided to call his fellow member, Ong Seong-woo, to show off his closeness with Mark.  When Ong Seong-woo finally answered his phone call, Kang Daniel said, “Can you see me? There is someone I want to show you … I am filming ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets,’ but do you know who is my roommate?

That’s when Mark waved his hand happily towards the camera, leaving Ong Seong-woo very shocked. “What? Why are you there?” asked Ong Seong-woo.  Ong Seong-woo protested because Mark said nothing when they last met. However, Mark immediately explained that he, himself, did not know that he would appear on ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets’.

Furthermore, Ong Seong-woo commented, “Then they also have to recruit me, too (on ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets’).” NCT’s Mark was teasing Ong Seong-woo, “I’m more familiar with Kang Daniel than you are.” Hearing that, Ong Seong-woo pretended to cry.

After that, the Wanna One member again requested that he be recruited for the show.  “Please recruit me too next time!” said Ong Seong-woo. “As you can see, I also like being on the ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets’ program now and I’m currently not doing anything.”

Mark and Lee Yi-kyung

An interaction between actor Lee Yi-kyung and NCT’s Mark was also cute. The actor, who is known for his humorous character, would cheer up the mood and also made the youngest member of the show, NCT’s Mark, laugh.

The moment become a laugh party as a drone’s remote controller caused trouble for the cast. Actor Lee Yi-kyung and NCT’s Mark couldn’t figure out how to steer the drone, and it kept going everywhere, then got caught on the ceiling fan. What made Mark burst into laughter was when Lee Yi-kyung tried his best to save the drone and threw a pillow at the ceiling fan, but it didn’t work.

The other moments from Lee Yi-kyung came from playing a random guess song with NCT’s Mark and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel. Lee Yi-kyung suggested guessing which songs were being played from just the beginning.

Mark guessed the first song correctly, as it was the song titled “Raindrop Flower” from a game called Maple Story. However, the second song left him confused, and here was NCT’s Mark’s innocence.

After hearing a dramatic melody combined with a beat and strong string sound, NCT’s Mark said, “Oh! This …” then stood up and acted as if he was swinging a sword. “Looks like this is a very famous song” added NCT’s Mark.

Kang Daniel finally spoke up, “Is this TVXQ’s song? Looks like I know what song it is.” Lee Lee Yi-kyung laughed at the answers of the two men, and finally allowed them to listen to the rest of the song. NCT’s Mark then said, “It looks like this is an OST drama.”

Once again Lee Yi-kyung laughed at NCT’s Mark’s answer and said, “This is NCT’s song.” It turned out, the song played by Lee Yi-kyung is the NCT song titled “Outro: Vision” from the album “NCT 2018 Empathy.”

Mark and Yong Jun-hyung

The innocent Mark Lee also appeared when he met Yong Jun-hyung. They met and introduced themselves to each other when they were watching the sunrise on the beach.

After the incident, Mark made a plain confession in an individual interview. He said, “We looked at each other and I thought he was a member of the Shinhwa, Andy. But after being seen again he didn’t resemble Andy. Luckily I didn’t call him Andy. ”

HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Jun-hyung also said, “It feels like he is one of the cast members for a reason“, and added, “Mark is cool so I know about him very well. I’m happy to see it.

Another funny fact is that before their meeting on the beach, they were already in the same inn the night before, but no one knew it at the time.