From High School Mate to MC Partner, Let’s Take a Look at NCT’s Mark Lee and Gugudan’s Mina’s Moments!


Mark and Mina’s Relationship Now

NCT 127’s Mark and Gugudan’s Mina are known to be close friends since becoming the MC of the MBC music show ‘Show! Music Core’ together. Recently their sweet interaction successfully attracted the attention of fans.

Mina carried out her last stage as MC on May 30, 2020. Through the official YouTube channel of Gugudan, fans were invited to take a peek at her last day to be the MC of a music event that she had performed since February 2018. Mark, who was Mina’s partner until January 2019, gave a surprise on her last day of MC. The idol who was signed under SM Entertainment came with a watermelon as a gift from the production team.

At that time, Mark was promoting his latest comeback with NCT 127. Mina did not seem to think that the former MC partner would come and give a surprise. Seeing Mina’s eyes fill with tears, Mark teased, “Why to cry?

It must be weird because I’m holding this (watermelon),” Mark said. “This is our first win (for ‘Show! Music Core’), but this is Mina’s last broadcast, so the atmosphere is a little, by the way, Mina is cool for two this year, and three months so please look forward to him!” he continued.

But why are you crying again?” Mark asked her again to tease Mina. They then greet each other like close friends in general. Their sweet interactions make fans happy.

She was crying before Mark came and felt better, but then the staff congratulated her again and then she saw Mark and felt touched so that she cried again. Their friendship is very funny. Hopefully, more idols can show their friendship like this,” commented by a fan.

This is very funny because it reminds me of my best friend. The way Mark holds the watermelon is very adorable. Ah, their friendship is so cute. Hopefully, they will stay friends until later,” concluded another.

Mina and Mark like friends that always have any time they need help. They are not only school friends or MC partners, but they both look like support systems that need each other. It is also undeniable that Mark and Mina shared their happy and sad feelings when they were together because of the chemistry that they had worked on for two years working together. Let’s pray for and give support to Mark and Mina so that in addition to their long-term friendship, their careers in the future will be even better!