From High School Mate to MC Partner, Let’s Take a Look at NCT’s Mark Lee and Gugudan’s Mina’s Moments!

Mina’s Shoutout to Mark in Her MC Farewell

On May 30, 2020, Mina filmed her last episode as the ‘Music Core’ MC. The 20-year-old girl was chosen as the MC of the music program on February 24, 2018. It showed her ability as the MC. She has guided the program for the past two years and three months.

Mina has also shown good chemistry with fellow MCs ‘Music Core’ who have also been changing from time to time. So far, Mina has hosted the event with Mark NCT, Ong Seongwoo, Chani SF9, and Hyunjin Stray Kids.

Before her last upcoming broadcast, Mina revealed, “Thank you to the ‘Music Core’ family, fans, and everyone who always gives me a warm welcome. I really enjoyed working with ‘Music Core’ and received so much love. I will return to show a better side of me. Thank you very much.”

She performed her duties as an MC so well that the idol managed to bring home the Rookie of the Year award in the Music and Talk category at the 2018 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards with her humorous comments and smooth MC guide ability. It is an acknowledgment of their exceptional hosting skills.

When Mina was giving her last speech in the goodbye stage as the ‘Music Core’ MC, one member from Gugudan cried while saying her speech in stuttering but still running smoothly while accompanied by two other MCs, SF9’s Chani and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. But when Mina’s speech was almost over, the cameramen immediately highlighted Mark, who was watching Mina from the left row with a blushed face and was also moved.

MC Hyunjin: “Yes, she has done ‘Show! Music Core’ for 827 days. Mina, can we please hear your thoughts?

MC Chani: “Today is Mina’s last broadcast.

MC Mina: “827 days?

MC Hyunjin: “Yes, 827 days.

MC Mina: “Ah, I thought it was more. [Background song played Flower Road by Gugudan’s Sejeong] Ah … Why are you playing this song? I’m going to cry. Uh, firstly, I’d like to thank the viewers who made every Saturday shine. To our ‘Music Core’ family, who has been so warm to me. I wonder where else I’ll be able to receive this much love. I love you so much.

MC Mina: “These moments have been such a gift to me. I wish that they could also be a gift to many other people. I, Mina and Hyunjin and Chani and Mark, and lastly, I hope that you can continue to show a lot of love to ‘Music Core.’ Ah, and don’t forget to watch ‘Show! Music Core’ every Saturday, everyone! Until now, this has been ‘Show! Music Core’ MC Mina.”

MC Chani: “We will always support you, Mina. So, here we will say goodbye.

MC Mina: “I don’t think I can …

MC Hyunjin: “What should we do? The core of Korean music.

MC Mina: “...Show! Music Core…

MC Chani: “..We’ll be back next week..”

All MC: “With a better show ~! Bye, ~!

As for the expression of NCT 127’s Mark, who continued to pay attention to Mina when her last speech as MC ‘Music Core’ became a hot topic among fans who were also happy to see their chemistry while still together being the tv program. Especially Mark, who looked like he could not see Mina crying when the goodbye stage. When the camera suddenly highlights Mark, the rapper from NCT 127 and SuperM was immediately shocked because he did not expect to be in the frame.