About NCT’s Lucas’s Parents: How Did They Meet, Relationship with Lucas, and More!

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The Chinese-Thai K-Pop Idol, Lucas Wong!

NCT’s Lucas is one of the most alluring K-pop idols that ever existed, not to mention his stunning visual that comes from a genuine gene from his parents. Without his parents’ unconditional support, Lucas might never have achieved his current career path. But, do you know that Lucas’s parents once worried about his decision to go to SM Entertainment? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you about Lucas’s amazing parents, so keep on reading until the last paragraph!

The Story of NCT U’s Lucas and His Parents

nct lucas

NCT has become one of the most influential boy groups in South Korea, and they successfully made some sub-units such as NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV under SM Entertainment. Speaking of NCT, the fans must be familiar with one of its members named Lucas Wong!


He is included within NCT and the sub-units NCT U as well as WayV, but he is also a member of SuperM. Ever since he was younger, Lucas has dreamt of being a K-pop singer, and he made a start by joining a global audition from SM Entertainment in 2015. Long before the audition, Lucas was an ordinary guy who lived with Chinese-Thai parents and his younger brother. He used to help his parents manage the family’s restaurants and dreamt of being a firefighter instead of a K-pop artist.


As he grew older, Lucas listened to the song “I’m Not Sorry” by DEAN which led him to want to be an artist. Luckily, his parents also let him accomplish this despite their initial worries. Well, do you want to know more about Lucas’s parents and his family? Let’s get started!

How Lucas’s Parents Met Each Other

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Since Lucas has talked about his parents several times, people started to wonder, how did they meet? The fact that his parents were from different countries, the chance to meet each other feels as though it was fate! Luckily, Lucas is kind enough to share about that. Through the Knowing Brothers show, he explained how his parents met.

At that time, Lucas’s father went on a trip to Thailand, the country where his mother was born, and she worked as a hairdresser. Just like love at first sight, his father asked for her number, but she didn’t have a cell phone at the time. Surprisingly, Lucas’s father decided to buy her a cell phone so they could communicate! Well, it might sound simple but such a sweet story, right?

Lucas’s Parents’ Reaction When Lucas Got into SM Entertainment

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There was also an interesting moment between Lucas and his parents! After Lucas successfully debuted as an NCT member, the fans realized a new fact: Lucas’s parents once got suspicious about SM Entertainment! How did it happen? Initially, his parents were very supportive when Lucas went to the audition.

That reaction changed easily after Lucas passed it and told them that he would go to SM Entertainment to pursue his career. Lucas’s parents questioned, “Is it a fake company?” since they didn’t know at the time that SM Entertainment was one of the big entertainment companies!

Let’s Take a Look at NCT U’s Lucas and His Family’s Moments Here!

nct lucas and his family

Let’s take a look at Lucas and his moments with his family here:

lucas wong and his brother

Here is a childhood picture of Lucas and his younger brother! They both look the same, and Lucas’s childhood visual is very adorable!

lucas wong

Say hello to the baby Lucas and teenage Lucas! His puppy eyes didn’t change, even the tiny smile also stayed the same!

NCT's lucas pre-debut

This is pre-debut Lucas with some of his relatives and friends!

Here is a compilation video of Lucas talking about his Thai mother!

That is everything about Lucas Wong‘s family! Since Lucas has talked about them often even during variety shows, the fans started to become curious and wanted to know them better, especially the fact that his parents met in such a romantic way! Do you also think that Lucas and his parents have a beautiful relationship? Let us know your answer through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!