The Handsome Visual of NCT, Check Out Lucas’ Best Style Choices and Appearance in Seoul Fashion Week

Meet The Visual of NCT – Lucas!

If we think about the boy group visuals, our mind will think about BTS’ V, Infinite’s L, SHINee’s Minho, Got7’s Mark, EXO’s Sehun, etc. But we should put more attention to a group of the latest generation K-Pop groups that come from SM Entertainment, NCT. Just like any other K-Pop group, NCT also has a visual and that is exactly who we are going to talk about in detail in the following article. His name is Lucas.

Lucas or Huang Xuxi (also known as Wong Yuk-hei) was born on January 25th, 1999, in Hong Kong. He is half Thai and half Chinese. He was first introduced as an SM Rookies trainee on April 5th, 2017, and then he made his official debut as a member of NCT on March 18th, 2018, as a rapper. He became a member of NCT’s subunit, NCT U and later on January 19th, 2019, he debuted in an NCT China-based subunit, WayV. Speaking of him being the visual, he also has a tall body figure of 183 cm (6’00”). No wonder he was later scouted to be a model and made his runway debut in 2018.

What did he look like on the runway? Channel-Korea will provide you with more details about his looks plus his best style choices from airport fashion, summer style, etc. So stay tuned!

Appearances on Fashion Show

On October 19th, 2018, Lucas made his runway debut at the 2019 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week as a model for the KYE brand. He modeled two kinds of outfits from the brand. The event was attended by other celebrities like f(x)’s Amber, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and AKMU’s Suhyun.

First, he wore KYE-patterned sweater with a pair of light blue trousers that made his legs look longer. |

Next, he wore another casual look, a simple tee and pair of jeans with designated strings. You can watch his appearance on the runway for the KYE brand below!

The next day, he walked the runway wearing other brands, like Charms and Kappa. |

Just like the brand name, he looked really charming in those classy blue suits with a bucket hat. |

This time, he is dressed in broken white, and he wears the bucket hat lower than the pic before so we can barely recognize him from a distance. We can easily mistake him for a professional model! |

Next, he walked the runway in a sporty look from the brand Kappa. The way his upper arm and shoulder were revealed under the jacket was on point.

Take a Look at NCT’s Lucas’ Best Style Choices!

We have to admit he did slay at the runway even though he had just debuted as a runway model. Yet aren’t you curious about his everyday outfits? We have chosen his best outfits and classified them into categories. We also want to notify you in advance that these categories can sometimes overlap with one another but we have tried our best to put them into the closest categories. Let’s check them out!

Airport Fashion

Airport fashion is a common thing for Korean celebrities. In a way, it shows how celebrities wear outfits off-stage or off-camera. Thus, it shows their fashion style in everyday activities. We have picked some of Lucas’ outfits that are suitable as airport fashion. |

Brown outfits suit him well and are well-matched with his brown hair. |

This is a more relaxed version, same look only with a different color of the hoody.

Red Carpet

NCT has attended several red carpets. Lucas himself attended some red carpets individually as he models for several brands. Let’s take a look at his outfits!

He wore a tux with a simple shirt and we can see a thin necklace around the collar.

This time he added a black vest and bow tie and he let his hair down.

This may be the most formal outfit he has ever worn. Even though it is only a typical suit, it still feels different when he wears it!

He once again walked like a real model in a dark blue suit. |

He also attended the Fendi red carpet individually and wore the brand’s outfit. He totally rocks it!

High-Class Sassy Boy

Even when he is not attending the red carpet, sometimes he wears classy outfits that make him look like the heir of a successful company.

Looks like he is ‘reddy’ to meet the clients!

The long coat makes him look more mature and even taller.

His well-built body plus a semi-formal outfit? Perfect!

Who says a good boy can’t give off a bad boy vibe?

And sometimes the outfits make him look like a rich boy with lots of swag just like the outfits below! |


Lucas can sometimes be seen sporting a look that will make you think he is about to go for an exercise.

Even though it was at the airport, he wore a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and sports shoes. He pretty much looked like a pro instructor!

It seemed like he was practicing and going out for a while. He wore a black cap and draped a black jacket on his back. |

This time, he wears a black windbreaker with his white tee sneaking out, in the left photo, while in the right photo, he wears a white hoody with white sweat pants.

Casual Style

Casual style includes his simple plain tees or sweaters.

Black or white? Both look so fine on him!

A simple sweater with V-lines around the neck? Done!

Another simple white top appearance!

In the left photo, he turned up in a black outfit and added a black beanie. His skin looks so much brighter in black. In the middle photo, he wears a simple white hoody with plaid plants. Last, in the photo to the right, he wears a striped polo shirt and has added a grey cardigan, showing a softer look.

Boyfriend Look

We can’t deny that his specific facial appearance already gives off the vibe of boyfriend material. These outfits will add more points and take our breaths away. Make sure to brace yourself!

Imagine he takes you on a date to an amusement park or just walk around the park.

Seems like he loves wearing a hoody inside a bomber jacket with a pair of blue jeans.

A common plaid shirt will also do!

He looks good in a loose denim jacket.

At other times, he can also ask you out for a proper meal at a nice restaurant wearing these outfits!

What if he brings you flowers just like in the left photo, or just casually wait for you outside your house just like in the photo to the right? He totally nails the blue color and doesn’t fail the pink one too!

This time with a darker color.

Or a simple white shirt to spend the day at home will do!


Lucas might not have chosen his own outfits as those might have been chosen by someone else. Yet he still found his own way of wearing them.

Maybe it was a hot day and he was sweaty so he took his jacket off, leaving his upper body dressed only in a piece of black sleeveless top. The hot weather had to compete with him though.

These outfits were worn when he was recording Keep Running (a Chinese version of SBS’ Running Man). Seems like the white tee he wore squished his arms so he rolled the sleeves up to his shoulders. Certainly, no one will ever complain about it.

Even before nailing the runway, he had done several photo shoots for magazines. Here are some cuts of him for Dazed.

The red color doesn’t fade at all on him!

Let alone the white one! And we can spot his long legs in the right photo.