Have You Seen NCT’s Jungwoo’s Breathtaking Abs? Check Out the Appearances Here!

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NCT’s Jungwoo and His Abs: Between His Exercise Routine and Eating Habits

Do you ever notice that the group NCT and its members have such eye-catching abs? One of them is Jungwoo who has gained the spotlight while showing off his naturally shaped abs! In this article, Channel Korea will go over NCT’s Jungwoo and his eye-catching abs, so stay tuned!

NCT’s Jungwoo’s Nice-Shaped Abs


NCT’s Jungwoo who was born with the name Kim Jung-woo is a member of NCT, the talented and popular boy group under SM Entertainment! Aside from NCT, Jungwoo is also included in three of its sub-units named NCT 127, NCT 2018, and NCT U. He has a lot of specialties such are dancing, vocals, impersonation, and even making rhymes as well!

Luckily, SM Entertainment acknowledged his talent in the past which led him to be one of their trainees until he finally debuted as a K-pop idol! Among NCT’s members, Jungwoo is also known for having a good body shape and amazingly visual.


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If you guys are taking a look at NCT’s Jungwoo’s visual appearance, you can immediately assess him as a guy with adorable and innocent looks. However, who knew that Jungwoo hides his rock-hard abs between those cute smiles? Let’s get to know more about Jungwoo’s abs and how he maintains them on a daily basis here:

Does He Have Diet Tips to Gain Some Abs?


K-pop idols are commonly known for their strict diets while trying to take care of their amazing bodies. Whether they are female or male idols, diets and workouts seem to be a part of their routine. So, what about NCT’s Jungwoo?

The fans have praised his rock-hard abs on many occasions, and some of them  are also curious about his secret to building those abs! During one of his interviews on SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time, Jungwoo made a confession that made people jealous of him. When Choi Hwa-jung praised Jungwoo’s abs during a photoshoot, he also asked how he manages them or whether he has any diet tips.


“I’m sorry for saying this, but I don’t particularly notice what I eat, but I do work out regularly,” Jungwoo said. His statement was also supported by the other members who revealed that Jungwoo can eat 6 servings all by himself.

Jungwoo’s Workout Routine


NCT’s Jungwoo revealed that he doesn’t diet, but regular workout is the best key to maintaining his abs. So, what is Jungwoo’s workout routine? Since he is a K-pop idol, dance practice is one of the most common exercises that he would do every day. Other than that, Jungwoo also revealed his “secret” exercise whenever he can’t sleep.

During another occasion, Jungwoo with Doyoung and Jaehyun also made a video of home workouts together! Through the clip, Jungwoo shared his simple routines such as stretching to warm up to relax his muscles and doing a lot of squats. He also explains that squats are very good for people who have a weak lower body!


Let’s Take a Look at NCT’s Jungwoo’s Abs Compilation Here!


Check out NCT’s Jungwoo’s amazing abs that can leave you gasping here:


During his photoshoot with Vogue magazine, Jungwoo drew attention since he showed off his rock-hard abs! People might be astonished by the fact that he didn’t do any diet to maintain the abs!


Whether he appears with his abs purposely or not, the fans can’t stop glancing over at Jungwoo’s abs during his stage performances!


In this close-up photo, people can see how real Jungwoo’s abs are!

That is everything about NCT’s Jungwoo and his abs appearance and workout routines! He is very grateful for having great abs while being able to eat anything that he wants without too much worry! Do you also think that NCT’s Jungwoo’s abs are effortlessly incredible? Let us know your thoughts through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!