Find Out More About NCT Dream’s Jisung’s Kiddo Moments And Love From NCT Members

Everyone Loves NCT Dream’s Jisung

nct dream jisung

Since all the fans, including the other NCT members, have seen Jisung growing up through the years, its pretty much a given that we have this huge love for the maknae. All the little things he does will drives us crazy because how cute and adorable he is.

Are you guys ready for a video, which shows the reasons why everyone loves Park Jisung? Well then, prepare for your heart and soul, NCTZEN!

Reasons Why NCT Dream’s Jisung Is A Very Adorable Maknae

There are many reasons why Jisung is adorable, from the unintentional mistakes that he’s made to his subtle reactions towards something. Even though he’s a shy guy, Jisung can also be active if he’s already used with the new environment and comfortable enough around the new people.

Here is a video, showing the reasons why the maknae Jisung is adorable and why we should love him more. Check it out below!

NCT Dream’s Cutest Baby Chick

There are reasons why Jisung has been called the ‘Baby Chick’ in the group. First, his hyungs love to feed him with a lot of nutritious food. The second reason is that whenever he get teased by the NCT hyungs, Jisung mostly remains calm without fighting back at them. And the last one is whenever the baby chick tries to look more mature and cool.

There are actually more reasons why Jisung was the cutest baby chick, but we will just add those three reasons for you, especially NCTZENs. And now take a peek at the video below for the evidence that Jisung is cute like an innocent baby chick.

And that was all for today’s compilation of Jisung being an adorable kiddo and being loved by his hyungs. We hope after reading this you might love and cherish Jisung even more than before.

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