Find Out More About NCT Dream’s Jisung’s Kiddo Moments And Love From NCT Members

nct dream jisung

Meet NCT’s Youngest and Multitalented Member, Park Jisung!

Jisung started his career in the age of 15 (14 years old according to international age), making him one of the idols who debuted at a young age. Despite being the maknae of his group, he is one of the best dancers in the entire agency. Many people have even said that Jisung could be the Taemin of his generation.

He spent a long time as a trainee, and debuted with NCT four years ago. That means that the fans and, especially, all the NCT members, got to watch Jisung grow up. For our topic today, we will show you several moments when Jisung was being adorable and has been spoiled in a good way by his hyungs.

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NCT Dream’s Baby, Park Jisung

nct dream jisung

Jisung is a member of NCT Dream, the sub-unit where all the members were born after the year of 1999. In the group, it’s obvious that he is the maknae. His pre-debut picture caught attention from the public because how cute and adorable his looks are. Let’s take a look at this picture below for the evidence:

nct dream jisung

Look at how innocent our maknae and dancing machine is! Jisung’s smile truly never changed at all, has it?

nct dream jisung

Above is a picture from his ‘SM ROOKIES’ days. There is no difference in his face, right? The only one thing that is different is that Jisung is getting taller than his hyungs now, which makes him look a little bit more mature.

Because of his age, in either NCT Dream or wholesome NCT, Jisung likes to cling to and relate to his hyungs a lot. Among the other NCT dream members, Jaemin is the one who often takes care of him. The other NCT Dream members are very protective of him, since he can sometimes be pretty clumsy and easily gets hurt by the surroundings.

The maknae also has a shy personality, especially towards some new people and environments. But once he gets comfortable with someone, for example, his NCT hyungs, Jisung can turn from a the cute and adorable baby into the evil maknae.

Let’s take a look at a video compilation of Jisung being a baby towards the NCT Dream hyung line. Check it out!

And here’s a video compilation of him being the ‘Maknae On Top’:

Jisung Being Jisung

nct dream jisung

Known for his reserved and shy personality, Jisung actually can be really funny, like the others. Jisung is usually being funny by cringing after he did something that is embarrassing for him, or being mischievous towards his hyung. He also likes to do some questionable things, which makes him 10 times cuter.

And now, here is a video collection showing Jisung being himself. Let’s check it out!

NCT Dream’s Jisung Tried ASMR

On Valentine’s Day last year, NCT’s YouTube channel dropped a video of Jisung doing a special ASMR session. Along with his hyung Jaemin, Jisung ate various types of candy. Since it was his first time doing ASMR, there was some awkward tension during the video, but at the end, he was successful.

Curious and want to know more about Jisung’s ASMR video session? Don’t worry, you can just click right on the video below!