Looking Very Aesthetic and Dreamy; Here’s NCT’s Jaehyun’s ‘Poetic Beauty’ Appearance For SM Station!


Get To Know More About The Beauty Of NCT’s Jaehyun, Featured On SM Station

For SM Stan, you must know about the last boy-band that debuted from SM Entertainment, called NCT, right? One of the boy-groups who are actively promoting in the entertainment industry also features some special performances and comebacks for fans who are ready to look forward to their performance.

This time, we will see the appearance of NCT’s Jaehyun, who will collaborate on a project from SM Station. NCT’s Jaehyun,, who is very famous for his handsome and charming visuals, is ready to make NCTzen‘s hearts melt.

Let’s check out the news about his special features in more detail in the article, below!

d.ear X NCT’s Jaehyun


On November 21, 2017, news came from NCT’s Jaehyun that their agency confirmed that the member would sing a new song called Try Again, written by singer and songwriter, d.ear.

The NCT member, who was born on February 14, 1997, filled in the 34th song for the second season of SM Station, which had previously performed several collaborations and projects by various singers under SM Entertainment, such as NCT’s Doyoung X Gugudan’s Sejeong, The Grace’s Sunday X Kim Tae -hyun, Im Seulong X Red Velvet’s Joy, Yoo Yeong-jin X EXO’s DO, and many more.

Try Again is a pop ballad with minimal acoustic sound. The song tells about how a breakup might occur, but when the man looks back to the time he spent together with the girl, he still believes that she is his true love.


The fans can’t wait to hear the melodious voice of this man, whose full name is Jung Jae-hyun. Many hope that NCT’s Jaehyun’s appearance in the SM Station project will receive special attention from fans and the public.

Try Again was released at the end of the year, which was the beginning of winter in South Korea. NCT’s Jaehyun’s image and visuals, made with concepts like ‘Prince Charming,’ has turned the winter warmer with the music genre of this song, which is full of tenderness.

On November 24, 2017, the SM Station project using NCT’s Jaehyun as one of their icons was finally released. Although this was Jaehyun’s first solo performance in NCT’s career, he received positive responses from fans and the public for his performance on the SM Station project.

Check out NCT’s Jaehyun’s – Try Again music video below:

For four consecutive days, SM Entertainment released a pictorial and photos of NCT’s Jaehyun for the project, with an extraordinary concept. Jaehyun is transformed into a prince in a fairy tale that we usually know is a fictional character. But, seeing his photoshoot for Try Again is a fresh and very magical concept.

Teaser Images

On November 21, 2017, Jaehyun looked very impressive with his visuals on several teaser images released by SM Entertainment. There are six photos released by the Big 3 agency to introduce him to the public, showing that he has handsome visuals and a sweet voice.


In the teaser image photo session released on November 21, 2017, Jaehyun displayed his perfect face with soft makeup and the aesthetic concept of the photo filter used to enhance his visuals. In the teaser images, he looked handsome with messy hair and the outfit he was wearing.


A light blue blazer with floral designs and white shirt make him look very soft, but not too bold. On closer examination, Jaehyun also wears brownish green contact lenses that make his eyes look attractive, and has bright-colored blush and freckles on his cheek area. In addition, the stylist added several additional accessories, such as piercings and rings to support his ‘Prince Charming’ looks.

The next day, November 22, 2017, Jaehyun was seen in the latest teaser image with a different look from the previous teaser image. In the photos this time, he has an ’80s style, with curly hair and hot items like the round glasses that he wears make fans amazed with his eccentric style, which is different from his usual look.


With a slightly nerdy look, Jaehyun still looks handsome with the same soft makeup as the previous teaser image. This different outfit makes his appearance totally different when wearing a brown turtleneck knitted sweater with a black ribbon accent on his neck, as well as a sun-kissed photoshoot theme with a little reflection of sunlight that only bounces in the area of ​​his face.


Many were surprised by the fact that Jaehyun’s appearance was different in each teaser image that was released. Besides being a talented idol, his visual also became the center of attention, because he has an image like a model.

On November 23, 2017, he greeted his fans again with additional teaser images released by SM Entertainment. In this project, NCTzens were really spoiled by Jaehyun with the visuals, and the fans were even more impatient waiting for Try Again to be released so they could enjoy the song.


In teaser images this time, NCT’s Jaehyun was seen with a concept that is more towards boyfriend material. He’s wearing a casual sweater with red scarf on his neck that is tied like a beautiful ribbon, to add dreamy touch to NCT’s Jaehyun’s visualization.


Besides that, Jaehyun was seen in this photoshoot concept while his perfect face and visual were fully zoomed in each teaser image. He’s been really attractive from the beginning of teaser images for Try Again, hasn’t he?


On November 24, 2017, the wait for NCTzens finally paid off, because Try Again, sung by NCT’s Jaehyun was released. After several teaser images and teaser videos that were released received positive responses from fans and the public, Try Again managed to become one of the SM Station projects that was highly anticipated by SM Stan.


Try Again’s music video has been seen 3.6 million times on YouTube and received 174.000 likes as of the time this article was written.

Teaser Video: Poetic Beauty

Besides teaser images, on November 22, 2017, SM Entertainment released a teaser video containing a sneak peek of the Try Again music video. In the 2-minute teaser video, fans can see a visualization of NCT’s Jaehyun’s teaser image in the form of a video. In the video, titled Poetic Beauty: JAEHYUN 재현, it describes the concept of the song and music video which would be released on November 24, 2017.

“As much as we

Spent time together

Our expectations went up too

Maybe that’s just natural

Even though we shouted out countless times

Without it ever reaching another one. ” – d.ear X NCT’s Jaehyun’s Try Again.

On November 20, 2017, SM Entertainment also released a teaser video reciting lyrics from Try Again. In the 33-second video, NCT’s Jaehyun was wearing a black sweater turtleneck and is talking about the lyrics to Try Again in the ASMR concept.

Behind The Poetic Jaehyun

On November 25, 2017, Jaehyun gave another gift to his fans by releasing behind-the-scenes footage from the filming process of the Try Again music video. In this video, you will see several photoshoot sessions from the SM Station project, with a collaboration song from d.ear X NCT’s Jaehyun.

In some scenes from this video, it appears that NCT’s Jaehyun is very enthusiastic about every detail with the process of shooting the music video and photoshoot that he did. In the behind the scenes, he was seen printing several Polaroid photos in the middle of shooting the music video for Try Again.


In addition, he also showed his makeup look, which was aesthetic and dreamy, with a few freckles and bright blush on his cheeks. Unlike Korean makeup looks that are usually used by idols, NCT’s Jaehyun has his own character when wearing makeup with this trend of freckles.


In the middle of shooting the video, NCT’s Jaehyun looked very charming and apparently enjoyed every scene taken for the solo music video. In some take scenes, NCT’s Jaehyun was seen smiling and laughing, compared to the concept of music video that is less expressive.


Every crew member and photographer involved in the process of filming Try Again seemed to be falling in love with Jaehyun’s visuals and behavior in every scene because of his very adorable and soft nature. Who doesn’t get a heart attack every time they see NCT’s Jaehyun?


Even the Polaroid photos from the his teaser images for the Try Again photoshoot turned out looking great, right?


At the end of the behind the scenes footage for Try Again, Jaehyun expressed his feelings about every filming process that he was involved with for this SM Station collaboration project. The ‘Prince Charming’ from NCT hopes that fans and the public can enjoy the song he sings.


“Today, I’m filming the ‘Try Again’ videography. How was my ASMR? As the weather gets colder, ‘Try Again’ is a song that matches well with winter. Doyoungg hyung has listened to the song. Taeyong hyung and Haechan have also listened to it. Doyoung hyung said he really likes it since he had his own STATION.

 Why would he need a second one.. Rather than having greed over it, he said he really likes it. Taeyong hyung also said.. can I say this? When I was recording it, Taeyong hyung was saying that it’d be good to add a rap in the song, so give him a call. He really likes the song a lot. That’s the kind of song it is.

There are many times when you can listen to the song. For example, when you feel cold, before go to sleep, when you’re showering. It’s a good song to listen to. This song matches well with night time and the recent weather. Please listen to it a lot. Thank you.”

Since the release of Try Again, NCT’s Jaehyun has received more attention from the public, and many people have started to become his fans because of the talent and visuals he has shown since the project with SM Station. In addition to his visuals that are very high-class, NCT’s Jaehyun also received appreciation for his good vocal skills.


Are you enthusiastic about NCT’s Jaehyun’s next solo performance? Let’s continue to support Jaehyun and give lots of love in each activity, as well as promotion with NCT, so we can see the next comeback as soon as possible!