Check Out NCT’s Jaehyun Covers of Lauv’s ‘I Like Me Better’ and His Other Cover Songs

His Other Cover Songs

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Even though NCT’s Jaehyun doesn’t really often do cover songs, but when the time comes, he would rapidly gain a lot of attention from the fans and even his non-fans as well! And Channel-Korea will share with you information about the other cover songs made by NCT’s Jaehyun to brighten up your playlist, so here you go!

A Whole New World

Through one of the variety shows from JTBC, Ask Us Anything, NCT’s Jaehyun was showing off his gorgeous voice by covering the song “A Whole New World,” the famous original soundtrack from Disney’s movie Aladdin. He appeared in the variety show along with his sunbae, Super Junior’s Heechul. He also said that NCT’s Jaehyun would melt all of those women’s hearts with his angelic voice. The cover was uploaded on JTBC Entertainment’s official YouTube account in September 2019.

Then NCT’s Jaehyun said, “I’ll begin by introducing myself. I’m NCT’s Jaehyun, and to show you that I can win today’s competition no matter what, I’ll sing a song.” Even though he just sang a half part of the song, the cast members of Ask Us Anything, and also the netizens fell in love with the cover.

Some of the fans praised him by writing comments, such as:

“Jaehyun is really the boyfriend material that we will never be our boyfriend.”

“His voice is as deep as the sea. Imagine talking with him on the phone early in the morning! Oh My God!”

“His voice dropped like 3 octaves since the last time he sang this. When the hell did it happen?”

“While Prince Jaehyun is singing, many people want to be Princesses.”

“Every-time Jaehyun is singing there’s this feeling I can’t explain.”

And many more!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Next, we have NCT’s Jaehyun’s cover of the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The cover song was uploaded on NCT’s official YouTube account on December 24th, 2018, at the same time with Christmas Eve! Even though it wasn’t a new cover, but people were still amazed by NCT’s Jaehyun’s beautiful voice, yet again!

In the music video, NCT’s Jaehyun appears with a simple yet gorgeous style, he is wearing a white T-Shirt combined with a striped shirt. And also, through that cover, many people realized that Jaehyun really resembles a Disney Prince, even some of them wanted Disney to hire him. Such a good idea, right?

“Jaehyun is such a Disney prince.”

“He literally sounds like a Disney prince like he has THAT kind of voice Disney pls hire him.”

“No wonder he was born on February 14th, like I get it, everyone needs to be in love with him at one point or another.”

“I am so shocked that Jaehyun has such a Disney prince voice like this… Normally, I only think of him as a pretty deep main vocalist. I don’t know what things he cannot do by now. Such a talented singer.”

“I’m so proud of myself for choosing a really good man that has many talents to be my first ever bias since I’ve listened to K-Pop.”

And many more!

Sunday Morning

Next, there’s NCT’s Jaehyun cover song along with NCT’s Taeil and Doyoung as well! The three of them made a cover of a song from Maroon 5, “Sunday Morning.” They sang the song on MBC’s Weekly Idol in February 2017. At first, the MC wanted them to show off their individual talents, and the three of them ended up proving their beautiful voices.

Some of the compliments for them include:

“Petition for SM to send these boys to King of Masked Singer 🙂 especially Taeil. His voice is soft but strong and he is the most underrated… I hope he’ll sing more OSTs this year.”

“MY LOVES. I need a comeback with these 3. Their voices are so sweet and so beautiful.”

“I need a full version of lay me down.”

“This clip can show you why I stan NCT.”

“The title should be “how to kill you in just a second”.”

And many more!

Lay Me Down

The three NCT members, Jaehyun, Taeil, and Doyoung made a cover of yet another song! And also, still on the same TV show, MBC’s Weekly Idol! Right after they sang a little bit of “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, they continued with the next cover song, “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. Well, you could say, it was kind of a song medley!

As we could expect, the MC was impressed and so were the netizens! They fell in love with Jaehyun, Taeil, and Doyoung’s voices and jokingly suggested to them to make such an NCT subunit called “JaeIlYoung.”

Some of the fans’ reactions to their singing include:

“Our vocal line are slaying.”



“SM’s vocals are no joke, NCT Jjang ❤️”

“So proud of my boys!!”

And many more!

How Deep Is Your Love

Next, we have NCT’s Jaehyun’s cover of the song “How Deep Is Your Love!” The cover was made in November 2014 through the SM Rookies Show back then. He was covering the song along with the other members of NCT as well.

And here are some of the fans’ reactions to NCT’s Jaehyun’s performance:

“I’m sorry but Jae really needs to sing a solo at some point – I’m dying to hear his voice and only his voice for a whole 2-3 minutes.”

“He looks like such a prince!??”


“He is the definition of perfection.”

“I nearly cried when I realized it was the old “how deep is your love” and how much I love that song and to hear him sing it is so… dhsufhuehfuiewfew– I swear Jaehyun never fails to amaze me!”

And many more!

Best Part

Last but not least, there’s another cover song from NCT’s Jaehyun, Taeil, and Doyoung! They made a cover of H.E.R feat Daniel Caesar’s song “Best Part!” Actually, they made a cover of the song as a part of the TV show Idol Room in January 2019 but unfortunately, it was cut off and was unreleased cut. But still, some people were able to watch their performance and enjoy it by themselves!

Let’s take a look at some of the fans’ reactions below:

“Love how Taeil can harmonize with both of them despite them both having different vocal colors to each other and to him. You can literally hear him change his voice to harmonize with each of them, that’s talent.”

“Jaehyun’s deep vocals really suit the song well, when he’s singing with the others it gives me goosebumps oof…”


“Can we PLEASE get a full cover on NCT music.”


And many more!

And well, that was all the information about NCT’s Jaehyun and all of his cover songs. We all know that Jaehyun has such an angelic and soft voice, no wonder all of those people have fallen in love with his voice as well. And through his cover songs, people also appreciate him for his English fluent pronunciation even though English isn’t his first language. Such a proud idol, right? Let’s give support to Jung Jae-hyun in his life and his career, and we are looking forward to the next cover song from NCT’s Jaehyun!

Channel-Korea has introduced you to NCT’s Jaehyun and his cover songs, so don’t forget to kindly share with us your thoughts and opinions about them and leave a comment in the section below!