Let’s Find Out About NCT’s Ideal Types!

Jungwoo’s Ideal Type

jungwoo nct

Jungwoo would look best with someone short to average height with a delicate appearance. I can’t really see him with someone that is ‘conventionally pretty/handsome’; I think he’d like someone who looks kind of unique or even someone unconventionally enticing. He’s drawn more to the cute exterior over a sexier one,” a fan wrote.


Winwin’s Ideal Type

winwin nct

Same with Mark, Winwin‘s ideal type is:

“Someone who has long black hair.”


Jaehyun’s Ideal Type

nct jaehyun

Jaehyun‘s ideal type:

“Women with straight and long hair. Someone who can communicate well with him. Someone who is kind. Someone he can depend on. Someone healthy and into sports. Someone who is usually calm but can also be cute. He doesn’t care if that person is older or younger.”


Ten’s Ideal Type

ten nct

Different from the other members, Ten said that he does not have an ideal type. For him, the important thing is:

“A relationship which starts from learning about each other before developing to love”


Doyoung’s Ideal Type

doyoung nct

Doyoung‘s ideal type:

“Someone who is polite.”


Kun’s Ideal Type

kun nct

“I see him like a person that is kind-hearted, loves to take care of people, and of course someone family-oriented. He’ll also like if they were both independent and dependent because he won’t always be with his significant other cuz’ he gon have a busy schedule, but would also want someone that relies on him,” wrote a fan.


Yuta’s Ideal Type

yuta nct

Yuta‘s ideal type is:

“A girl who has short hair, 15 cm shorter than him, has empathy towards people and does not ‘act pretty'”


Johnny’s Ideal Type

johnny nct

Johnny once said that his ideal type is a girl like Girls Generation’s Yoona, and that is:

“Someone who smiles at him a lot.”


Taeil’s Ideal Type

nct taeil

Taeil‘s ideal type:

“Someone cute. I prefer a short bob hairstyle.”


Taeyong’s Ideal Type

nct taeyong

Taeyong‘s ideal type:

“Someone who can teach me, lead me, and make up for my flaws.”

So, that is all the information that you need to know regarding NCT’s members’ ideal types. Do you have some resemblance? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!