Let’s Find Out About NCT’s Ideal Types!

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Let’s Find Out About NCT’s Ideal Types!

We as NCTzen have been guilty of wondering what it feels like to be NCT’s girlfriend, right? And, while it may be an unlikely scenario for us (1 in a million), there is no harm in learning the ideal type of NCT’s members. Who knows, you may be the one exception. *wink wink!*

So, let’s find out all about NCT’s ideal types through this article below!


Jisung’s Ideal Type

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Up to this day, Jisung’s ideal type is still open to assumption and discussion since he hasn’t talked about his ideal type. Yet, a netizen on Tumblr wrote that Jisung’s ideal type would have a feminine and delicate look. Although, the OP also said that there’s a possibility he would love a casual and tomboyish girl. It seems like Jisung doesn’t really care about the facial features.

“He’d already been shy around girls and probably would’ve thought about them a lot before actually trying to get somewhere with them; and in that time, would’ve found beauty in them regardless,” wrote the OP.

When it comes to personality, someone said that Jisung’s ideal type is someone who can support him but not too much to the point of babying him.

“He’d still want that bit of freedom and independence, but someone who could support him in his choices and help him see the benefits and weaknesses in things would help him mature better. Someone who’s on the quiet side but not overly awkward,” the OP wrote.


Chenle’s Ideal Type

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Similar to Jisung, Chenle’s ideal type is also open to discussion. But, someone wrote that Chenle might prefer someone with a tomboy-ish style and who colors her hair.

“I think Chenle would like his girlfriend to have a cute yet still tomboy-ish style. Someone who’d like to dress up and do their hair, but the other half of the time, would dress up in jeans, large jackets, and baseball caps. Maybe it’s because he’s an idol himself, but he’d really love it if his partner had dyed and colored hair. Whether that was pastel colors, highlights, or random, bright colors,” a fan wrote.

And, regarding personality, the OP wrote that Chenle might prefer outdoorsy girls instead of homie girls.

“Chenle would really need someone who more immature than mature; he’d drain someone who matures, and that’s not really ideal in a relationship. He’d also really need someone more extroverted and outgoing than someone introverted and calm. Someone spontaneous and unpredictable, so would surprise him and keep him on his toes,” wrote the fan.


Sungchan’s Ideal Type

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For Sungchan, he stated his ideal type is:

Someone who matches well with me


Shotaro’s Ideal Type

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Same with Jisung and Chenle, Shotaro‘s ideal type is still unknown. Well, maybe you can guess his ideal type from this OP’s post.

“Shotaro’s ideal type is just so expressive, bold, and radiates confidence. The type of person who never backs down from a challenge and has scars from the dares that they’ve done. those who try their best to live life to the fullest. to be around these types of people is to bathe in their radiating warmth, and to find hope and excitement for life,” wrote a fan.


Yang Yang’s Ideal Type

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A netizen wrote a guess:

“He’d love it if someone was as funny as him, and a joker/prankster; the two will literally playfully be pranking each other and others every day, and would be fighting over who is the best prankster haha. This person would have to be an extrovert all the way haha, and as well as both of being a listener and talker, but more on the listener side; since he is very talkative and can ramble on random things for hours.”


Jaemin’s Ideal Type

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According to OP, appearance-wise, Jaemin’s ideal type would be:

“Someone with dark and glowy skin; he’d find it really attractive and exotic and would totally be the type to gush, to your and to other people, about how well it suited you.”

While personality-wise, she would be someone quite extroverted and adventurous, but not to the extent that they literally cannot calm down and always enjoys the limelight and attention.


Haechan’s Ideal Type

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According to Haechan, his ideal type is:

“Someone with good vocals. Someone with an easy-to-listen-to voice. Someone with short hair.”


Jeno’s Ideal Type

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An OP wrote that they think Jeno’s ideal type is:

“Someone who’s a little more on the curvy side and likes to look after themselves and work out. Doesn’t have to be a gym junkie or anything, but he’d like it if they at least ate healthily and did a little exercise.”

In another post, they wrote:

“Although I think he’d suit both loud and quiet kind of people, I think he’d suit someone whose quite gentle and calm and a little more on the shy side.”


Renjun’s Ideal Type

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A fan guessed:

“Someone who’s not too short nor too tall, so about his height. Dresses in beanies and sweaters and likes odd patterns and color matches. Someone with long wavy hair, who will let him braid and play with it. Likes to smile and giggle and tends to cover their mouth with their hands subconsciously.”

Another added:

“I think Renjun would suit an ambivert; someone who could bring his energy up by being energetic and outgoing, but not overly excitable that he dreads doing anything or feels run down a lot of the time. Or someone who was quiet at first but then with time opened up and grew in confidence; he’d like having someone to become more confident with.”


Hendery’s Ideal Type

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“His ideal personality would be someone that is kind, and willing to help people that are in need. Also, a person that can be independent, and family-oriented. He’d love it if they were funny,” a fan wrote.


Xiaojun’s Ideal Type

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According to a fan, Xiaojun’s ideal type might be someone who likes to play games, eat, and comes from a musical background.


Mark’s Ideal Type

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Mark‘s ideal type is:

“Someone who has long black hair.”


Lucas’s Ideal Type

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According to a fan,

“He’d love someone that is confident, humble, and a person with a happy virus vibe; since he is just filled with so much happiness, he’ll need someone with the same energy of happiness.”