Learn More About NCT’s English Names And Their Meaning!

NCT's English Names

Calling Out For NCTzens To Learn About NCT’s English Names

NCT is a South Korean boy group and under SM Entertainment and have many members. Some of the members are coming from different countries and have different background too. If you’re NCTzens, you must know about some members who came from outside Korea and have their own English name.

In this article, there is a detailed information about NCT’s English name and their meaning. Each name they have has a meaning or luck that is expected to bring success to them in the future. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in this article below!

Here’s NCT’s English Names That You Should Know

NCT's English Names

NCT’s English names has divided to different names. Some of them are having their own English name and use it as their current stage name and the unofficial ones are given by their fans.

Here’s NCT’s English names that you should know :

NCT’s Members English Names
Official English Names
NCT’s Johnny Johnny Suh
NCT’s Ten Ten
NCT’s Jaehyun Jeffrey
NCT’s Mark Lee Mark
NCT’s Lucas Lucas
NCT’s Jisung Andy

Unofficial English Names

NCT’s Taeil Albert
NCT’s Taeyong Alex
NCT’s Yuta Josh
NCT’s Kun Samuel
NCT’s Doyoung Thomas
NCT’s Jungwoo Matteo
NCT’s Winwin Kyle
NCT’s Renjun Gabriel
NCT’s Jeno James
NCT’s Haechan Cameron
NCT’s Jaemin Connor
NCT’s Chenle Caleb

NCT’s Members Official English Names

NCT was prepared for their promotions around the world. Therefore, some of the members used to live outside Korea and come from the United States, such as Johnny, Mark, Jaehyun, and more. In this case, they have their English name that was given as their real name.

Here are the names of NCT’s members who have official English names and their meaning!

NCT’s Johnny English Name: Johnny Suh

NCT's English Names - Johnny

Johnny Suh’s English name has the meaning ‘God is gracious’. This means that God sees him as a treasure and delights in them.

NCT’s Ten’s English Name: Ten Chittaphon

NCT's English Names - Ten

Ten Chittaphon’s English name means ‘Power of the winner,’ and the number of alphabets in his name is 10. He’s the only member that comes from Thailand, and his stage name, of course, brings luck for him.

NCT’s Jaehyun’s English Name: Jeffrey

NCT's English Names - Jaehyun

Jeffrey’s English name has the meaning of ‘Pledge of peace’. His English name was taken from his birth name, but he legally changed it to Yun-O.

NCT’s Mark Lee’s English Name: Mark

NCT's English Names - Mark Lee

Mark’s English name has the meaning of ‘Polite’, ‘Shining’, ‘Warring’ or ‘Hammer’, and it usually can be found in the bible. His English name has a meaning that attracts powerful ideas.

NCT’s Lucas’ English Name: Lucas

NCT's English Names - Lucas

Lucas’ English name has a meaning of ‘Bringer of light’ and is usually found in the bible with other meanings such as ‘white’ or ‘light’.

NCT’s Jisung’s English Name: Benjamin

NCT's English Names - Jisung

NCT’s Jisung’s English name is Andy. Even though he didn’t live abroad, Jisung attended a kindergarten where he had to chose his English name.

NCT’s Members Unofficial English Names

NCT's English Names

Some of the Korean members and others’ nationality has given their English names by their fans. The given name might not have any relation to their real name, but it can have a meaningful name for them.

Let’s check out the NCT’s unofficial English name and their meanings, here!

NCT’s Taeil’s English Name: Albert

NCT's English Names - Taeil

NCT’s Taeil’s English name is Albert, which means ‘Noble and Bright’.

NCT’s Taeyong’s English Name: Alex

NCT's English Names - Taeyong

NCT’s Taeyong’s English name is Alex, which means ‘Helper and defender of mankind’.

NCT’s Yuta’s English Name: Josh

NCT's English Names - Yuta

NCT’s Yuta’s English name is Josh, which means ‘God is deliverance’ that also can be found in bible.

NCT’s Kun’s English Name: Samuel

NCT's English Names - Kun

NCT’s Kun’s English name is Samuel, which means ‘God has heard’.

NCT’s Doyoung’s English Name: Thomas

NCT's English Names - Doyoung

NCT’s Doyoung’s English name is Thomas, which means ‘Twin, Seeker of Truth’.

NCT’s Jungwoo’s English Name: Matteo

NCT's English Names - Jungwoo

NCT’s Jungwoo’s English name is Matteo, which means ‘Gift of God’.

NCT’s Winwin’s English Name: Kyle

NCT's English Names - Winwin

NCT’s Winwin’s English name is Kyle, which means ‘Narrow spit of land’.

NCT’s Renjun’s English Name: Gabriel

NCT's English Names - Renjun

NCT’s Renjun’s English name is Gabriel, which means ‘God is my strength’.

NCT’s Jeno’s English Name: James

NCT's English Names - Jeno

NCT’s Jeno’s English name is James, which means ‘Supplanter’ or ‘Substitute’.

NCT’s Haechan’s English Name: Cameron

NCT's English Names - Haechan

NCT’s Haechan’s English name is Cameron, which means ‘Bent Nose, Crooked Stream’.

NCT’s Jaemin’s English Name: Connor

NCT's English Names - Jaemin

NCT’s Jaemin’s English name is Connor, which means ‘lover of hounds’.

NCT’s Chenle’s English Name: Caleb

NCT's English Names - Chenle

NCT’s Chenle’s English name is Caleb, which means ‘Faithful’, ‘Whole-hearted’, ‘Bold’, or ‘Brave’.

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