NCT Dream’s Pre-debut And Transformations!


The Seoul Story

NCT Dream again made a comeback in the mega project called “NCT 2018.” In this comeback, all the NCT members from every unit united to make their comeback by adding three new members who graduated and successfully debuted from SM Rookies. In this comeback, the group performed the song ‘Go.’ This project also marked the return of Jaemin from his long hiatus due to his injury.

Dramatic changes in the concept left fans and netizens shocked and excited. NCT Dream, which is the youngest of the NCT units, usually uses adorable and cheerful concepts that really reflect their youth. This time, they actually looked fierce and rebellious compared to their previous image. Here’s the NCT Dream members’ appearances when they made their appearance in the NCT 2018 mega project song ‘Go!’

NCT Dream features a more mature concept than the previous comebacks in the song ‘Go!’

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Previously appearing cheerful and adorable, this time the NCT Dream members had a fiercer concept!


We Go Up

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Slowly letting go of their original, youthful image, NCT Dream had previously been able to come up with a dark boy-style concept with the song ‘Go.’ In the song ‘We Go Up’ they appear more relaxed, cheerful, and colorful but still show the teenage side towards adulthood. There are times when they look neat in uniforms, or sporty when exercising. They are a portrait of freedom as teenagers by playing, doing sports, and traveling together. The ‘We Go Up’ comeback marks the graduation of their oldest member, Mark Lee, from the group, and they would continue their comebacks as a six-member group, without Mark. Here’s the NCT Dream members’ appearances when they promoted the song ‘We Go Up’!

NCT Dream members who appeared sporty in the ‘We Go Up’ song!

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The members look cheerful in this comeback.

Candle Light


Back in the SM STATION project, the members of NCT Dream released the winter song ‘Candle Light.’ This comeback was Mark’s last song as part of NCT Dream before finally graduating on December 31, 2018. The members play the role of a film crew. Wearing old-fashioned stacks of costumes made of flannel, checkered patterns, and beret hats, the members are described as having to repeat the shooting process even for simple scenes such as catching a ball, while the rest of their colleagues are busy peeking through the camera, setting properties, and recording sound. Here’s how the NCT Dream members looked when they made their appearances in the song ‘Candle Light’!

NCT Dream members’ appearances look more mature as time goes by!


Despite appearing more mature, they still show the typical style of teenagers.

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Don’t Need Your Love

Coming back to SM STATION, NCT Dream released the song “Don’t Need Your Love,’ featuring HRVY. This time, the members looked sad because of a broken heart. They displayed expressions of confusion and sadness in various locations, such as sports fields and classrooms.

NCT Dream members with HRVY in the song “Don’t Need Your Love.”




Unlike previous concepts that were are fresh and cheerful, NCT Dream’s comeback this time had a more mature concept. In the previous songs, the group carried the concept of cheerful and fresh young men; in this comeback, Jaemin and the other members successfully display their more mature charisma. This was NCT Dream’s first comeback without Mark Lee, who graduated from the group in December 2018.

Their first comeback with a six-member formation.


NCT Dream members appear more mature in ‘Boom’ comeback.

That was all the information about NCT Dream’s transformation, which makes all of you amazed with their growth, from their pre-debut team as SM Rookies to the present. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment below!