NCT Dream’s Pre-debut And Transformations!


Everything You Should Know About NCT Dream’s Transformation; What Leaves Fans Amazed By Their Growth!

NCT is a group that has many sub-units, namely NCT ​​U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. The youngest group from the SM Entertainment agency does have a lot of uniqueness. NCT has been nicknamed the visual attack group because all the members have such handsome faces.

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you NCT Dream’s transformation, which is sure to leave you amazed with their growth. We’ll go from the group’s pre-debut time as SM Rookies to the present, so stay tuned!

SM Rookies

SM Rookies is a pre-debut team that was put together by the South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment in 2013. The team is made up of trainees who have not yet debuted as idols. This project has produced two groups under the auspices of SM Entertainment, Red Velvet and NCT. NCT consists of several units with unlimited members, namely NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.

Only some of the NCT members started out in SM Rookies, so not all of them were introduced by SM Entertainment at that time. There were only a few members who began as members of SM Rookies, the ones who were part of the team were Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung. Meanwhile, Renjun and Chenle were the agency’s hidden trainees and not part of the SM Rookies pre-debut team. This is the appearance of the NCT Dream members before their debut, when they were members of SM Rookies!

The SM Rookies members who came to see Jisung on his elementary school graduation day!


Members of SM Rookies when starring in the Korean version of the Mickey Mouse Club in 2015!


Some SM Rookies members took a photo together during their first appearance before officially debuting as members of NCT.

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Renjun’s pre-debut photo, though not included in the SM Rookies team. He was SM Entertainment’s hidden trainee, and was not introduced to the public.


Like Renjun, Chenle was not part of SM Rookies and he’s the NCT Dream member with the shortest trainee period, just 3 months. Chenle was a child singer in China before debuting with NCT Dream.


Chewing Gum

NCT Dream was the third sub-unit of the boy group from South Korea under SM Entertainment, NCT. NCT Dream debuted on August 25, 2016, with the concept of a group that has members under the age of 20 years. There were seven members, namely Mark, Haechan, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. When debuting with the single ‘Chewing Gum,’ all the members came up with a cute and adorable concept typical of teenagers. Here’s how they looked  at the time, leaving fans exasperated because of their cuteness.

NCT Dream’s debut concept with the song Chewing Gum was very adorable!


Appearing in children’s uniforms and hairstyles made NCT Dream so adorable when they made their debut!

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My First and Last


In February 2017, they made their first comeback since their debut by releasing the song ‘My First and Last.’ Of course, they used improvised dance moves that were energetic and powerful while still carrying the concept of seeming cute and adorable. For this comeback, one of the members, Jaemin, did not participate, taking a hiatus because of an injury. NCT Dream made the comeback with the six remaining members. Here’s how the NCT Dream members looked when they made a comeback with ‘My First and Last!’


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We Young


In August 2017, NCT Dream made another comeback with the song ‘We Young.’ Still missing Jaemin, NCT Dream made a comeback again in the summer. Like the previous NCT Dream concept, their comeback this time is still a cheerful concept typical of teenagers. Here’s the NCT Dream members’ appearances when they came back with ‘We Young’!

Comeback with a pirate concept, the members of NCT Dream look still cute and very adorable with a concept like this!

Even though it looks a bit ferocious, NCT Dream members still look very cute!

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Welcoming Christmas in 2017, NCT Dream returned to show their performances through the song ‘Joy.’ This song is one of the music projects released by singers who take shelter under SM Entertainment, namely SM STATION. In this performance, the NCT Dream members look more mature than previously. Here’s how NCT Dream members looked when they made their appearances with the SM STATION project song ‘Joy!’

The NCT Dream members looked good in their winter clothes!

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Despite appearing with a slightly different concept than usual, NCT Dream still shows the characteristics of teenagers.