NCT Dream’s Member Profiles, Fun Facts, Best Songs, and New Format

Best Highlights of NCT Dream’s Songs

nct dream members

1. “Boom”

This is a cool song with a nice beat!

2. “Drippin’”

“Drippin'” is a song that you need to listen to when you need to decide something! The beat is unusual.

3. “My First and Last”

It is easy to love this song. It is cheerful but still has great beats!

4. “Chewing Gum”

Their debut song portrayed their cuteness. Check out “Chewing Gum”!

5. “Go”

If you need a bold and swag song to start your spirit, this song will suit you!

6. “We Young”

This song is easy to listen to and can fit in summer and also everyday cheerful days!

NCT Dream’s New Format You Should Know

nct dream members

In the beginning, NCT Dream had a graduation concept format where a member who reaches 20 years old will graduate. This made Mark, who is the oldest member of the group, graduate.

But, a new format has been released in 2020 by SM Entertainment, and NCT Dream became a permanent group where Mark will come back as a member of NCT Dream. And, every member will get promoted in the rotation scene. This is exciting news!

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