NCT Dream’s Debut: Date, Songs, and Stage Performances


Everything You Need To Know About The Youngest Boy Group Under SM Entertainment And NCT’s Youngest Unit – NCT Dream

NCT Dream is the third subunit of the main group of NCT (Neo Culture Technology). Previously, the first subunit, NCT U, debuted in April 2016 and the second subunit, NCT 127, debuted in July 2016. NCT Dream has a total of 7 members, including Mark, Jeno, Renjun, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. This subunit is inhabited by SMROOKIES trainees who are still very young. The oldest member is Mark with line 99, while the youngest member is Jisung, line 02, so NCT Dream is one of the groups with the youngest average age in the K-Pop industry.

NCT Dream’s Debut Date


NCT Dream officially debuted on August 24th, 2016, by launching a music video titled “Chewing Gum.” The music video was released in 2 versions, namely a Korean and a Chinese version. The stage debut took place the next day, or August 25th, on the Mnet M! Countdown stage. While the digital single “Chewing Gum” was released on August 27th, 2016.

After NCT 127 made a comeback in December 2016, it is now the turn of NCT Dream to make a comeback. NCT Dream officially made a comeback on February 9th, 2017, by releasing their first single album titled The First. The single album contains 5 songs with their song “My First and Last,” including their debut song “Chewing Gum.” But it is very unfortunate, Jaemin did not take part in the comeback this time because of problems with his health. It didn’t take long for NCT Dream to win its first trophy for the song “My First And Last” at the SBS MTV The Show stage on February 14th, 2017. At the music show program, they also won their first triple crown.

NCT Dream’s Debut Songs

NCT Dream released their debut single, “Chewing Gum,” on August 24th, 2016. Their debut stage was on August 25th on Mnet’s M!Countdown.

NCT Dream’s Debut Stages

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NCT Dream’s Jaemin Will Star in a JTBC Drama Series of a Popular Webtoon Adaptation

Good news comes for Jaemin’s loyal fans. This is because the NCT Dream member was recently confirmed to play the leading role in JTBC’s new drama How to Hate You (translation title).

Jaemin will portray the character of Han Dae-gang, a new student majoring in animation who likes to read comics and is also a skilled gamer. Even though he looks rude and indifferent outside, Han Dae-gang is a wise and sincere person in the eyes of others.

Jaemin will be accompanied by several other shining young stars, such as Kim Ji-in (previously starring in the web of the drama Just One Bite) who plays the character Oh Mi-ri, Kim Yoo-jin who will play Dasom (Oh Mi-ri’s best friend), and Lee Jong-won (previously starring in the web drama Go, Back Diary) who will play Go Eun-tae.

Unfortunately, How to Hate You is not JTBC’s regular drama which has 16 episodes. The drama adapted from the popular webtoon was just an episode of another JTBC special one-act drama.

How to Hate You itself tells of Oh Mi-ri’s dating adventure, a new student who struggles to navigate love and friendship in the campus environment. The drama, produced by JTBC Digital Studio and NCSoft’s video game developer, was scheduled to air in late March 2019.

Meanwhile, Jaemin has already had acting experiences in the web drama A-Teen. The 2000-year-born idol became a schoolboy’s cameo with his group mate, Jeno.

NCT Dream’s Jeno and Jaemin Secretly Go to Indonesia


Two members of NCT Dream, Jeno and Jaemin surprised fans after they were known to come to Indonesia secretly. Both were known to have come to the office of SM Entertainment in Jakarta.

This is known from uploads on the Official Instagram account of NCT Dream, on Sunday, April 14th, 2019. Both of them uploaded photos while at the SM Entertainment office located in FX Sudirman area, Jakarta.

In the post on NCT Dream’s Instagram account, Jeno wrote that he felt sad to have to come without giving the news to the fans. He also expressed his regret that he could not meet the fans in Indonesia.

“I feel sad because I can’t meet with fans in Indonesia because we’ve come secretly,” he wrote in the photo caption.

Not only expressed their sadness, Jeno and Jaemin also promised to return to Indonesia. During their next visit, they promised to meet the fans and make happy memories together.

“Next time, when we return (to Indonesia), we have to meet,” Jaemin wrote in another post.

NCT Dream Will Attend the Music Festival In Taipei, Taiwan

Taeyeon, EXO’s Chen, NCT Dream, MOMOLAND, and Golden Child will be in Taipei, Taiwan for the “2019 K-Pop Entertaining Music Festival Taipei” on May 19th, 2019, at Nangang Exhibition Center.

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NCT Dream’s Jaemin, Super Junior’s Shindong, Defconn, Lee Yong-jin, and Kim So-hye Join a New Variety Show with Online Game Themes


Channel A is currently preparing for a new variety show titled Do You Want To Play? GG (translation title). On Tuesday, April 9th, the production team revealed who were the members who would enliven the online game theme program.

They are NCT Dream’s Jaemin, former IOI’s member Kim So-hye, Super Junior’s Shindong, Defconn, and Lee Yong-jin. The ranks of celebrities who are members of Do You Want To Play? GG were picked because they had enthusiasm for online games.

Defconn is known to have a hobby of collecting various gaming gadgets, Shindong used to be the owner of PC Bang (internet shop), Lee Yong-jin has the nickname game expert, Kim So-hye has been dubbed the fairy game, while Jaemin has been more passionate about games than any other NCT member.

Do You Want To Play? GG itself is a program that invites celebrities who are famous for their love of online games. They later formed a team against high school students from all over the country.

Meanwhile, Do You Want To Play? GG will play various online games from the past to the latest even e-sports games. The variety show is scheduled to begin airing sometime in May 2019.