NCT China Unit, WayV: Profile, Facts, and Much More!

Latest News

Recently, SM Entertainment has been releasing teasers for WayV’s debut. The first teaser was released on December 31, 2018, on their official Youtube channel, See The V, with all the members starring in it. Here is the video:

The next day, they released another teaser video, titled Feel The V, and just like the previous teaser, all the members are presented in this video. Together with the release of this teaser video, the group is scheduled to release their individual teasers for their project The Dream Launch Plan starting from January 4, 2019, at 7PM CST. Here is the second video:

After waiting for a few days, the fans could finally get to see the individual teasers for WayV’s members for their debut song in January 4, 2019. Not only the individual videos, but they also released a group teaser photo for their project The Dream Launch Plan. Here is the teaser video for each WayV member for The Dream Launch Plan:

Their most recent update is a group teaser video for The Dream Launch Plan, titled Curtain Call. In the video, we could see the members’ amazing visual comes across perfectly, both in the photos and the videos. Here is the teaser for Curtain Call of The Dream Launch Plan:

Recently, they also posted their single Regular individual teaser photos for Kun, Ten, Winwin, and Lucas. Here’s the post of their individual photos:


What do you think about the new concept SM Entertainment has delivered through the NCT China unit, WayV? Are you looking forward to their songs and performances? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the soon-to-be-debuted NCT China unit, WayV, in the comment section below!