NCT China Unit, WayV: Profile, Facts, and Much More!

WayV’s Official Debut


It has been reported that WayV will officially make their debut and start their activities in January, 2019. But when exactly will they debut? What kind of songs that they will present to the fans for their first debut? Let’s take a look!

WayV’s Teaser Images

On January 11, 2019, WayV teased the fans by releasing a few photos of the members together for their project The Dream Launch Plan, titled Curtain Call. Not only photos, but the group also released individual teaser videos for this project. If we see the teaser photos that were released, even though the photos only used a black and white filter, we can see that the members still show their amazing visual perfectly. They look cool and charismatic in their all-black wardrobes for these photos. Here are the teaser images for their project The Dream Launch Plan:

nct wayv teaser
nct wayv teaser
nct wayv teaser

WayV’s Debut Date

After releasing a teaser that WayV will start their activities from January, 2019, it has been revealed that WayV will make their official debut on January 17, 2019. Since January 4,  the unit has been teasing the fans by releasing member’s photos and videos, either individually or groups. It has also been reported that the group will be releasing their first digital EP titled The Vision.

WayV’s Debut Songs

WayV’s soon-to-be-released digital album, The Vision, will consist of three songs. The tracklist is Regular, Nightmare, and Dream Launch Plan. The group will start releasing new teasers again between January 12 until January 15, 2019. The album, itself, will be released on January 17, 2019 at 7PM CST.

WayV’s Debut Stage

It hasn’t been revealed specifically where will WayV will make their first official stage debut, but it has been revealed that until their debut, WayV will be releasing various videos on their official YouTube channel about their activities. There’s a strong possibility that they will make their debut on music programs.

WayV’s Instagram Feeds

WayV also has their own official Instagram account. They’ve used the account to post a few photos, and most of them are the teasers for their official debut. Let’s take a look at their posts!

1. Teaser Photos for Dream Launch Plan: Lucas and YangYang

2. Teaser Photos for Dream Launch Plan: Ten and Hendery

3. Teaser Photos for Dream Launch Plan: Winwin

4. Teaser Photos for Dream Launch Plan: Kun

5. Teaser Photos for Dream Launch Plan: Xiaojun