Known As the Rich Grandchild From Shanghai, Let’s Get Better Acquainted With NCT’s Chenle!

Foreign Idols Bring The Fun To Idol Room And Share Their Experiences In Korea


A number of idols from outside South Korea have recently been guests in Idol Room. Many exciting stories have been revealed by these idols about their life in South Korea. The latest episode of the Idol Room program features a number of idols from outside South Korea. As is known, there are also many foreign idols who have migrated to South Korea to pursue their dream of becoming idols.

In this episode, there were many guest stars, including Renjun and Chenle from NCT Dream, Yuto and Yan-An from Pentagon, Kim Samuel, Kenta from JBJ95, Yuqi, Shuhua and Minnie from (G) I-DLE, Soso from GWSN, Kokoro and Lin Lin from Cherry Bullet. They talked about their experiences in South Korea.

“This is the ninth year I am in Korea. I spent half of my life in Korea. People say I’m Korean. If I’m hungry, I think about Korean food, not foreign food,” opened Samuel. Samuel revealed his funny story with a grandma in Korea. “Initially, I was surprised to see ‘grandma’s bone soup,’ I thought it was really made from grandma’s bones. I saw an old woman eating bone soup and I was very scared,” he admitted. The bone in the soup is actually made of pork bone, but Samuel thought it came from a grandmother’s bone.

Chenle himself spoke about the age system and addressing in Korea. “In China, if there is a difference of one or two years of age, we only call the person’s name, but in Korea, we have to call him hyung,” Chenle said. Renjun also answered, “It seems like it’s the reason for him to talk informally. When we are with other people, he calls me hyung, but he calls me Renjun in China.”

Yan-an also introduced himself by addressing to himself as Kim Yan-an. When asked why he added Kim, he replied, “I like Kimchi. That’s why my last name is Kim.”

Kenta himself introduced his Korean name Ko Geon-tae. Kenta uses the mention of Geon Tae as “Kenta” in Korean. His family name means “High” (“Go” when translated in Korean).

When asked about favorite words in Korean, Shuhua mentioned: “Yuqi-ya” (informal designation called Yuqi). While Minnie chose “Heol” which shows a look of surprise or disappointment. “I can’t express “heol” in other languages,” she explained.

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