Do You Think NCT 127’s Yuta Has Undergone Plastic Surgery? Let’s Take A Look At His Transformations Throughout The Years!

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The First Japanese Male Idol From SM Entertainment and NCT 127 Member, Nakamoto Yuta!

Yuta was the first male idol from Japan that succeeded in debuting under SM Entertainment. He debuted as part of NCT 127 back in 2016 with ‘Fire Truck’. He is part of the dance line in the group, along with Ten, Taeyong, Jisung, and Winwin. Not only good at singing and dancing, Yuta is also a good soccer player, since his father was a soccer athlete.

It’s pretty common for Koreans to get plastic surgery. Many artists, including idols, have either secretly or publicly had procedures done on their faces. Since his debut, Yuta has been accused of having plastic surgery on his chin. Is it true or not? We’ll find it out in today’s Channel-Korea’s article.

Are you ready? Without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!


First, let’s check out Yuta’s pre-debut pictures below!

Here isone of his baby pictures. See how cute and adorable Yuta is here.

Below is a picture of him from his elementary school days, Yuta’s unique visual is already visible here. The picture below reminds us of a child protagonist in an anime, don’t you think?

This shot was taken during his high school days. We can see that Yuta had already started dying his hair different colors back then.

SM Rookies

SM Rookies was announced to the public back in 2013. Yuta and some of the NCT members were introduced at that time. Here are some official pictures of him from during the SM Rookies days, check it out!

During his SM Rookies era, Yuta participated in the JTBC reality show called ‘Abnormal Summit.’ The show is mainly about knowing about other countries’ cultures, but all the foreign participants on the show had to speak in Korean, and they were all surprisingly fluent.

Yuta’s unique visual caught the public eyes, and people were shocked to discover that he was actually a trainee from SM Entertainment. His Japanese looks and features, especially his chin, truly shone during the show, and netizens started to anticipate his debut.

Here are some of the Yuta’s video clips from ‘Abnormal Summit’:


This was the year when Yuta finally made his official debut as an idol under SM’s new boy group, NCT 127. With the title track ‘Fire Truck’, the group caught the public’s attention with their unique fashion style and music.

In this era, Yuta came out with a curly hairstyle in shades of brown and red. nothing has changed about his looks, his chin still remais the same like before. Here are some pictures for the proof: