Take a Look at NCT 127 Members’ Zodiac Sign and Personality

NCT 127

NCT 127’s Zodiac Signs and Elements

Who doesn’t know about NCT 127? It is one of the sub-units of NCT, a boy group under SM Entertainment, and currently consists of nine members. Every member of NCT 127 has stolen fans’ hearts with their amazing skills and attractive personalities.

Fans have also become curious about the members’ personalities based on their zodiac signs since it might forecast their personality characteristics and more. Speaking of that matter, many fans also like to link the members’ zodiac traits with theirs and find their compatibility within it.

As people already know, there are 12 zodiac signs with unique symbols. If you want to know about NCT 127 members’ zodiac signs and elements based on various birth dates, check out the table below to check them out:

Members’ Name Zodiac Sign Element
Taeyong Cancer Water Sign
Taeil Gemini Air Sign
Johnny Aquarius Water Sign
Yuta Scorpio Water Sign
Doyoung Aquarius Water Sign
Jaehyun Aquarius Water Sign
Jungwoo Pisces Water Sign
Mark Leo Fire Sign
Haechan Gemini Air Sign


NCT 127’s Taeyong’s Zodiac: Cancer

NCT 127's Taeyong

Taeyong was born on July 19, 1995, which makes him a Cancer. Based on his zodiac personality, Cancer is well-known as the most difficult zodiac sign to understand. On the outside, they look cold and restrained, but deep inside, they have a sympathetic and empathetic soul with lots of love and understanding. Cancer is a water sign, and they are commonly known as being typically sensitive and in tune within their emotions.

A Cancer is very good at keeping secrets so people can trust them. At the same time, a Cancer is very loyal, loving, and protective, just like how Taeyong became the group’s amazing leader and how good he is while taking care of other members. According to other members, Taeyong buys them food very often, and he has always been a good listener for the members.

NCT 127’s Taeil’s Zodiac: Gemini

NCT 127's Taeil

The group’s oldest member, Taeil, was born on June 14, 1994, marking him as a Gemini. This zodiac sign has an air element, and people with Gemini as their zodiac sign are known for their amazing socializing skills, outgoing personality, spontaneous spirit, and great sense of humor.

As a Gemini person, Taeil has shown off several traits based on his zodiac characteristics. Taeil is well-known for having a little bit of a 4D personality despite being quite shy in front of people. As hilarious as a Gemini person is, Taeil likes to share dad jokes even if they aren’t that funny. Even Taeyong once revealed that Taeil acts as if he is the youngest in the group although he is the oldest one.

NCT 127’s Johnny’s Zodiac: Aquarius

NCT 127's Johnny

As the second oldest in the group, Johnny is marked as an Aquarius guy since he was born on February 9, 1995. Aquarius has the water element and is well-known for its social and intellectual personality traits.

Meanwhile, Aquarius people are known for their self-reliance, optimism, and cleverness. There are two types of Aquarius, the one with an active and enthusiastic personality and the one that is very calm and sensitive.

Johnny is marked as the active one since he is known as the mood maker in the group and is considered the group’s “Energy.” But, at the same time, Johnny is also considered the “Father” of the group as he is very sweet, comprehensive, and romantic at the same time.

NCT 127’s Yuta’s Zodiac: Scorpio

NCT 127's Yuta

The Japanese member of NCT 127, Yuta, was born on October 26, 1995, which marks him as a Scorpio person with the water sign element. People with this zodiac are famously known for being mysterious, passionate, intense, and intuitive. On the other side, Scorpio people are well-known for being fearless and determined when it comes to achieving something.

Yuta’s personality based on his zodiac sign is quite related since he has a bright and cheerful personality, but at the same time, Yuta has an introverted, stubborn, yet savage personality. He is also a very determined person as he successfully passed the global audition in Japan before his debut and went straight to South Korea to achieve his dream of becoming a singer!

NCT 127’s Doyoung’s Zodiac: Aquarius

NCT 127's Doyoung

Doyoung is marked as an Aquarius guy along with Johnny. He was born on February 1, 1996, just several days apart from Johnny’s birthday. He has the same zodiac sign and water as his zodiac element. Doyoung has one of the Aquarius traits: cleverness!

He is very good at memorizing, and his skills are acknowledged by other people. In the group, Doyoung was voted as the most reliable member. Most Aquarius and water element people are quite witty yet optimistic which makes them love to joke around.

It does the same with Doyoung who shares many jokes with the other members, especially Jaehyun! An Aquarius person can also give the best advice. Whenever people need someone to talk to, an Aquarius can be a great listener yet adviser.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun’s Zodiac: Aquarius

NCT 127's Jaehyun

Another in the Aquarius gang apart from Johnny and Doyoung is Jaehyun! Given the nickname Valentine’s Boy since he was born on February 14, 1997, he became an Aquarius guy with the water sign element.

Among the other zodiacs, Aquarius is very well-known as the most innovative, progressive, and rebellious at the same time. Jaehyun has some traits that mark him as the ultimate Aquarius; he can be very adorable and such a happy virus to others, but, on certain occasions, he can be very sensitive.

Aquarius people also like to discuss everything with their friends and help them overcome any issues. In these terms, Mark also revealed that Jaehyun can take care of younger members very well!

NCT 127’s Jungwoo’s Zodiac: Pisces

NCT 127's Jungwoo

NCT 127’s Jungwoo is marked as a Pisces guy since he was born on February 19, 1998. Pisces has the water sign, and Pisces people are well-known for their emotions as well as their love of daydreaming. But, at the same time, they can make people get curious about them as they show a mysterious side.

Pisces is known for its creativity, kind heart, and empathy. These are also some traits that are related to Jungwoo as he once cried before his first performance with NCT U, showing how soft his personality is. Pisces signs also tend to help out friends whenever they need them, and they crave deep friendships as well.

NCT 127’s Mark’s Zodiac: Leo

NCT 127's Mark

Mark Lee of NCT 127 was born on August 2, 1999, making him a Leo person with the fire sign element. People with this zodiac sign are known for being charismatic, passionate, and bold, but, at the same time, they are also generous.

Aside from that, a Leo person is noted for being honest, loyal, and fun, They also show their enthusiasm for life. This is just like how Mark is a member who is cheerful, optimistic, full of charisma, and very confident.

Another trait of a Leo person is they are known for being friendly and talkative which makes other people feel comfortable around them. It also describes Mark quite well since Mark is very friendly yet charming even when he gets to meet new people for the first time!

NCT 127’s Haechan’s Zodiac: Gemini

NCT 127's Haechan

Just like Taeil, the youngest member of NCT 127, Haechan, has Gemini as his zodiac sign. Haechan was born on June 6, 2000, and is included as a person with the Gemini zodiac sign and the air element. Haechan is a true representative of the Gemini people since he is well-known for his sociable personality, positive mindset, and being the biggest jokester among NCT’s members.

People with Gemini as their zodiac sign are also known for their energetic and witty appearance, and other people even become surprised with their unexpected things. A Gemini can also make the most boring situation become fun, just like how Haechan might be the best mood maker in NCT 127. Other members also agree that Haechan has the most adorable personality and lots of aegyo!

That’s everything about NCT 127 members’ zodiac sign explanations! Despite their differences in terms of zodiac signs, all of the members are very attractive and charming respectively! So, which member has the same zodiac as yours? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!