Which NCT 127 Members’ MBTI That Matched Yours? Let’s Find Out Here!

nct 127 mbti 2022

Let’s Find Out Each NCT 127 Members’ MBTI Type Here!

As fans, we surely want to know everything regarding our idols from head to toe or even their personal life, especially about their personality MBTI. Among 16 types of MBTI, each NCT 127 members certainly have a different type that is related to their characteristics.

So, through this article, Channel-Korea will tell about the type of NCT 127 members’ MBTI as well as their personalities and their habits based on MBTI. Are you curious about NCT 127’s MBTI types? let’s find out here!

NCT 127 Members’ MBTI Types

nct 127 mbti type

If we see from the theory, there are two classifications of MBTI types, namely introvert and extrovert, and both are divided into several parts. This NCT 127 members have various personalities and different energies of MBTI types. So, here are the types!

Member MBTI Types
Taeyong INTP
Jaehyun ESTP
Johnny ENTP
Jungwoo INFJ
Taeil ISFP
Doyoung ISFJ
Haechan ENFP
Yuta Unconfirmed


NCT 127’s Taeyong’s MBTI: INTP

nct 127 taeyong mbti type

Everybody knows Taeyong is the main rapper in NCT 127, he was born in 1995. Taeyong’s MBTI type is INTP who often call as the logician. Being an INTP, Taeyeong is a person who highly respects values, knowledge, truthfulness, and very competence. Taeyong known as the leader of NCT 127, it because he’s a good thinker and greatly appreciated everything, including his members. His knowledge of music and rap is very high, so it reflects to his MBTI.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun’s MBTI: ESTP

nct 127 jaehyun mbti type

Unlike Taeyong, this famous NCT 127 member is an ESTP. People with this type are known for being friendly, humble, easy to get along, peaceful, but assertive. Jaehyun is ESTP but everybody claims him as a quiet person, but very careful about everything. Besides being friend with all NCT members, Jaehyun is very close with other idols like, BTS’ Jungkook, Cha Eun-woo from ASTRO, ex-GOT7’s Yugyeom, and more.

NCT 127’s Johnny’s MBTI: ENTP

nct 127 johnny mbti type

Johnny is known for his English skill. This NCT member is an extroverted who has MBTI type, ENTP. Being an ENTP, Johnny is known to have a comprehensive and sweet personality, he also care about everything so it making other members call him as “dad” in the group. ENTP tends to be bold, creative, and be expensive. Does it really reflect Johhny?

NCT 127’s Jungwoo’s MBTI: INFJ

nct 127 jungwoo mbti type

INFJ is usually called an advocate where they are very full of deep thoughtfulness and soft-hearted. It refers to Jungwoo’s characteristics where every member agreed that he has soft and kind-hearted as well as easy to gets to cry. Jungwoo looks like a ‘tough guy’ but actually he is delicate and fragile. Even though he’s too sensitive, he has a good mindset when he feels sad, Jungwoo will bring the sad things into good mood.

NCT 127’s Marks’s MBTI: INFJ

nct 127 mark mbti type

Marks has the same type of MBTI Jungwoo. As we know, INFJ is very humble and down to earth, the difference between Jungwoo and Mark is his character. Mark is very friendly, he’s also religious and never forget where he came from. He’s very respectful in values as well as being a hard worker. Marks will enjoy every moment that he went through and also can put himself in any situation.

NCT 127’s Taeil’s MBTI: ISFP

nct 127 taeil mbti type

Taeil’s MBTI is ISFP, being ISFP, Taeil’s usually called adventurer. Taeil is very chill and laid back, he’s the kind of person who will enjoy his own world but still friendly to new people that he meets. Taeil is very ambitious because he’s usually looking down on himself and felt there’s a shortage in himself. Taeil has good self-control and knows his limit. The one that reflects to Taeil is his creative mind and very out of the box!

NCT 127’s Doyoung’s MBTI: ISFJ

nct 127 doyoung mbti type

Doyoung is the main vocalist of NCT 127 and he’s an ISFJ. Being ISFJ, of course, he has similar characteristics to his MBTI type, ISFJ is known as a ‘defender’. Although he’s quite typed, as an ISFJ Doyoung is highly socially skilled, warm-hearted, capable, and oriented in detail. Doyoung knows himself better and always puts others first above himself. He’s also considerate to other people so he pays attention to the little things.

NCT 127’s Haechan’s MBTI’s ENFP

nct 127 mbti type

Haechan is the mood maker in NCT 127, he’s also a loving person. Based on MBTI, he’s the type of ENFP known as a campaigner. Being ENFP, Haechan is categorized as enthusiastic, energetic, and highly creative. This youngest member Haechan is very spoiled, even so, he could put himself in any situation. As a campaigner, he’s very hardworking especially, in new things which he thinks is a challenge for him to self-develop. Haechan can ease the awkward situation because he’s talkative and good at communication.

NCT 127’s Yuta’s MBTI

nct 127 yuta mbti type

The last NCT 127 member is Yuta. Among the other member, Yuta’s MBTI type is still a mystery and unconfirmed. Some people say that Yuta is an ESTP and many people say different things. Although his MBTI hasn’t been confirmed, you can still be guessing his MBTI type by looking at his character and personality.

Yuta is very focused on anything and he already set his goals in life. Besides being a good listener, Yuta is very confident, easy-going, and open-minded. In life, Yuta has his own motto namely, he chooses to try everything even though he didn’t try it before, and be bold.

So, that’s all information about NCT 127 members’ MBTI type. Of the 9 members, which MBTI type of them matched yours? Put the answer in the comment section! Don’t forget to share this article with your fellow Nctzens and stay keep in touch with Channel-Korea through our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial.