Get To Know the Oldest Member of TWICE, Im Nayeon: Profile, Mnet’s ‘SIXTEEN’, Relationship Among the Members, and More


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Nayeon Uploads Sexy Photos in Hawaii, Fans Suspect Twice Has Filmed a Comeback MV

Twice members were known to have left for Hawaii a few weeks ago. It is not yet known for the needs of this girl group of 9 people, but fans have begun speculating since their departure on June 20th. Last Saturday, June 22nd, Nayeon shared new posts on Twice’s official Instagram account. The 1995-born singer, who is also the oldest member of the group, uploaded photos taken in Hawaii.

In the first photo, Nayeon is wrapped in a tight-bodied top and loose pants posing against the background of a large tree. Several other photos show her and Momo, who looks sexy wearing a tank top. Nayeon looks so cute when wearing a dress and takes a photo with a bow while smiling at the camera. Along with Nayeon’s posts, fans believe Twice to have gone to Hawaii to shoot their comeback MV.

“This is definitely not a private vacation. It looks like the manager and bodyguard are coming with them,” fans commented. “Previously fan signed, Nayeon said she wanted to try a cheerful concept and Jihyo said she wanted to sing songs like “Dance the Night Away. This is definitely for filming the MV,” said other fans.

“It could have been for filming an advert or Twice TV but I believed they were filming a summer comeback MV,” fans said. “It’s summer. Looks like they will release an album again,” added another.

That was all for the information about TWICE’s oldest member, Nayeon. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!