TWICE’s Nayeon’s Stalker: His Love Letters, Death Threats, and Reactions From Fans and JYP

nayeon stalker

A Crazy Stalker or Attention Seeker?

Nayeon is a member of a South Korean successful girl group, TWICE. As the face of the group with impressive singing and dancing talent, Nayeon surely attracts attention after all. Due to TWICE’s Nayeon’s huge popularity, it can eventually come with a side effect like the appearance of a manipulative stalker.

Here’s the story of Nayeon’s crazy stalker you may want to know about. Stay curious!

Nayeon’s Stalker: Josh’s Appearance

nayeon stalker

Josh first appeared in September 2019 in South Korea to meet Nayeon as he stated in his YouTube videos. He flew from Germany to South Korea with his crazy mission to express his love romantically towards Nayeon.

Josh chose to stay for almost one month (September 30 to October 21) in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District since he found information that Nayeon and her family were living in that area. Besides, he tried to visit every place that Nayeon went to based on her social media such as a saloon, coffee shop, JYP agency company, mini market, and any road that Nayeon went to. Then, he even gave his contact and letter to more than 100 stores and mini-markets around Nayeon’s residence. Such an obsessive person!

Nayeon’s Stalker: Josh’s Identity and His Intention

nayeon stalker

Josh is actually a German citizen who was born in 1994 and has been active in online communities and social media for some years. Some information about him said that his family owns a jewelry company and he has a twin brother.

He found out about Nayeon around 2016 and stated that he fell in love with her, not as a fan but as someone who wants to have her romantically.

Nayeon’s Stalker’s Cringey Messages and Threats

nayeon stalker

On an online forum and his social media messages, he kept stating delusive messages toward his plan regarding Nayeon. He planned to have a relationship with Nayeon and move to Australia with her. Josh stated they would grow old together with a child. During his effort to meet Nayeon, he expressed that he felt so sad, couldn’t eat, and couldn’t sleep since it came with zero results.

Not only that but other cringey messages expressed he would go back to South Korea in December 2019 and go to JYP’s CEO, Nayeon’s old homes, and the JYP Entertainment company. In January 2021, Josh did a live interview on YouTube RGBTalk. He sent threats to Nayeon stating if she was dating someone back behind his back that he would 100 percent kill her.

nayeon stalker

JYP Entertainment’s Reaction to Nayeon’s Stalker

nayeon stalker

JYP Entertainment released an official statement regarding these stalking incidents with Nayeon. Not only stalking Nayeon but Josh also leaked other members’ phone numbers such as Chaeyoung‘s. The company will find a solution through legal action and will strengthen the security of their artist. This is one of the statements from JYP Entertainment regarding Chaeyoung’s issue:

jyp ent nayeon stalker

Fan Reactions: The Save Nayeon Project

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The latest interview with Josh from January 2021 alarmed many fans of Nayeon. They made an open letter to JYP Entertainment. It was said that they already sent multiple emails to NAYEON GLOBAL UNION (a global association) that demanded the safety of their artist and to take serious action against any of Nayeon’s stalkers, especially Josh. Fans said that Nayeon was so easily exposed to threats and her life was in danger.

They promoted this petition with hashtags #ProtectNayeon #RespectNayeon to also gather support from Nayeon’s fans and TWICE in general.

nayeon stalker

That’s all about Nayeon’s stalker story that made all her fans worried about Nayeon’s life after the crazy stalking and death threats. Let’s leave alone an idol’s life as we all are humans that need space and also peace. Keep supporting Nayeon and send her positive messages.