Did TWICE’s Nayeon Get a Nose Job? Check Out the Truth Here!

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The Cute Nayeon Had Surgery?

As K-pop becomes more recognized year by year, this also leads to favorable and unfavorable news. Applying plastic surgery for better looks is one of them. K-pop idols enter various spotlights about how they have plastic surgery to amplify their appearances.

Many idols are accused of having beautifying surgery. However, it may not be true. Because of their signature looks, idols sometimes are trapped in surgery rumors whether they had any done or not.

TWICE’s Nayeon is one such person. Let’s get an approach on whether Nayeon had a nose job surgery or not in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Pre-Debut


Photos of her debut appearance and her pre-debut image look the same. Nayeon before joining as a TWICE member still had a cute face and a small nose.

Here are photos of Nayeon from when she was a student and baby. Do you find any differences?


Some of the photos are also from when Nayeon had her growth period. Many things could have affected changes in her looks during this time. However, it still looks like nothing is different. She is still beautiful.

TWICE’s Nayeon after Debut


This is Nayeon’s photo after her debut. There is still no change in her appearance and nose shape. Additionally, JYP Entertainment, Nayeon’s label company, honors natural beauty more than other companies.

Did Nayeon Have a Nose Job?


The news about Nayeon having a nose job started when the K-pop idol alumni Cheska talked about some idols having plastic surgery. She mentioned TWICE’s Nayeon and Blackpink’s Lisa having natural surgery. However, it can’t be taken as fact regarding whether it is true or not.

Some entertainment companies make their idols have surgery. However, in JYP Entertainment, natural beauty is more celebrated. This may have affected whether Nayeon had a nose job or not.


Looking at her appearance from her pre-debut to after her debut, her nose is not significantly different. Makeup or cosmetics can account for any changes.

Do you think Nayeon had a nose job?

What Netizens Said about Nayeon’s Nose Surgery


People on the net in the majority still believe TWICE’s Nayeon didn’t have a nose job. It’s obvious when looking at her trainee photos or even her teenage photos. Her nose was still cute and small.


Yet, some people of a small percentage believe that Nayeon may have had surgery on her nose. However, it really looks natural. The right answer is known by Nayeon or her company label. But, of course, it’s her decision to reveal it or not, and no matter what, it is also her right to do what she wants to her body.

Let’s support the beautiful Nayeon whether she had a nose job or not. It is also not really our business. She’s still here, and her personality is radiant and positive. So ONCE, how do you love Nayeon? Put your comments below, and don’t forget to share them on Twitter as well!