TWICE’s Nayeon’s Luxury Looks as an Ambassador of Louis Vuitton, Check It Out!

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TWICE’s Nayeon Looks Cute and Chic Endorsing Louis Vuitton

Nayeon is deemed one of the visual members of TWICE, the girl group that debuted in 2015. She has impeccable beauty and a unique smile with her rabbit teeth. Moreover, she has also an elegant vibe, visible in every shot she has appeared in.

So it’s no wonder Nayeon got the endorsement of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Are you curious to see Nayeon as an ambassador of Louis Vuitton? Check out her photos and all the details below!

Nayeon’s Endorsement of Louis Vuitton: Iconic Look in Louis Vuitton

Nayeon looks fabulous in her new endorsement of Louis Vuitton or also called LV. This brand is originally from Paris and has been known as a brand of leather goods established in 1854.

On the official Instagram of TWICE, she is also showing her cute elegance endorsing Louis Vuitton!

TWICE’s Nayeon appeared in some magazines and showed her feminine side of her. Check out Nayeon in the photos below!

Nayeon Appeared in ELLE Magazine Korea

Nayeon surprised many people with an autumn outfit of Louis Vuitton that appeared in ELLE Magazine. The perks of wearing a high-quality brand usually make a difference to people who wear it. However, when Nayeon wore it, she looks like she is the one adding value to the brand. Nayeon is the definition of Asian chic feminine look. Don’t you agree?

Nayeon has fair skin with a cute side to her. The Louis Vuitton bag with a hint of pink matches her face and skin. Nayeon’s eyes are really like a supermodel! Superb!

Nayeon Appeared in W Korea Magazine

Nayeon featured in the April edition in W Korea Magazine in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. She comes with the latest bag of the brand in such an elegant pose. Her nails and accessories fit the mood of the Louis Vuitton logo. Look at her pictorial below!

Nayeon with a Louis Vuitton mini dress keeps sending a sexy but still elegant feminine vibe. What do you think? Do you feel like you want to buy this dress?

Red crop-top dresses match well the cute branding of Nayeon as a member of TWICE. She is easily distinguishable from other characters but her soul is still there. No wonder, Louis Vuitton chose her to be their ambassador.

People’s Comments About Nayeon as an Ambassador of Louis Vuitton

Being connected with one of the most popular brands of fashion mesmerized a lot of people. Nayeon received various positive comments regarding her becoming an ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Here are some of the comments on the internet.

“She’s so pretty… this kind of concept brings out a different side of Nayeon.”

“This is so different from TWICE’s usual concept.”

“The hairstyle choice is super unique.”

“There’s nothing that Nayeon can’t do!!!”

“This sort of reminds me of Eugene’s S.E.S days??”

“Cute and fashionable… I want the original copies of…”

That’s all about Nayeon becoming the ambassador of Louis Vuitton. What do you think about her endorsement? Leave your comment in the section below and don’t forget to kindly share on Twitter. Keep supporting Nayeon in her career in the future!