TWICE’s Nayeon Is the Nation’s Best Friend Among Idols- Check Out the Reasons Here!

nayeon best friend

The Miss Congeniality of All Idols Belongs to Nayeon

Nayeon is a South Korean member of the girl group TWICE which debuted in 2015. She not only has her own charm and beauty but also has good characteristics that make people easily like her.

Nayeon is mentioned by many other idols as their best friend. Cute, right! She is also often called the nation’s best friend of idols because of this. Check out the reason behind it and the list of idols that made Nayeon their special friend. Still curious? Read the Channel-Korea article below!

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Bright and Friendly Personality Made Her Become the Nation’s Best Friend Among Idols

nayeon best friend

Nayeon has a warm and kindhearted personality. She also spontaneously shows her care to people around her. No doubt, she became the nation’s best friend among idols. Check the proof that Nayeon is the best friend you’ve always wanted below!

TWICE’s Nayeon With TWICE’s Members

nayeon best friend

Among TWICE’s members, Nayeon is really close to everyone in the group. They have been together since being trainees in JYP Entertainment and competing on the survival show Sixteen. However, many people said Jeongyeon is the closest member. Their friendships show sparks and are warmly formative.

TWICE’s Nayeon With BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

nayeon best friend

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo showed her friend’s love through a special photo edit for Nayeon. Jisoo made a picture of Nayeon with her favorite bunny. Look at the picture below. So cute!

nayeon best friend

Nayeon posted it and felt happy about it! They are real besties!

TWICE’s Nayeon With Red Velvet’s Yeri

nayeon best friend

Nayeon and Red Velvet’s Yeri also have a special friendship. Yeri talked about Nayeon who became her best friend in one of her interviews. They even have a special nickname for each other. Look at the conversation between Yeri and fans below:

Yeri: *sees post-it note* YemYemi?

Fan: YemYemi~

Yeri: YemYemi~ There’s only one person who calls me this name

Fan: Who…?

Yeri: TWICE’s Nayeon-unnie~

Fan: Oh?! Really??!?! YemYemi is cute haha

Yeri: RimRimi YemYemi~

The nickname YemYemi made by Nayeon is certainly cute. Do you agree?

TWICE’s Nayeon With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

nayeon best friend

Not only Jisoo but Nayeon also has a good friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. They have been friends long before their debuts. On some occasions, they were spotted with matching nails. How adorable!

nayeon best friend

TWICE’s Nayeon With GFRIEND’s Sowon

nayeon best friend

GFRIEND’s Sowon also spontaneously expresses about her closest friends among celebrities. She openly answered that TWICE’s Nayeon is one of them.

nayeon best friend

Looking at their pictures together here really shows their close friendship. Do you think so?

Nayeon looks like she is the best friend in the entertainment industry. Many members of girl groups show their interest and warm love towards Nayeon as their ally. Everyone must agree that Nayeon has a really sincere, caring, and warm smile, and so many celebrities are also falling in love with her in a good way.

That’s all about TWICE Nayeon who is becoming the nation’s best friend. What do you think about it? Put your comments below and share them on Twitter, too! Keep supporting TWICE’s Nayeon in her career!