JYP Entertainment’s Former Trainee Natty Reveals the Reasons She Left the Company


Meet Natty, The Youngest of SIXTEEN

Whoever has watched JYP’s survival program SIXTEEN in 2015, that aired on Mnet, must be familiar with Natty. Natty, born on May 30th, 2002, as Ahnatchaya Suputhipong, is a Thai girl who used to be a JYP trainee. She was a part of Mnet’s SIXTEEN in order to let JYP PD choose the members of the upcoming girl group among the 16 trainees, and now that girl group is known as TWICE. She was 13 years old back then, which made her the youngest trainee.


Unfortunately, Natty couldn’t survive in that program and decided to give up on her chance to be a member of the next JYP girl group. In 2017, Natty choose to join the next Mnet reality show once more, titled Idol School, which had 41 student contestants. In the first episode of Idol School, Natty was one of the most anticipated students, mainly due to her appearance in SIXTEEN. 

In the first episode’s interview, Natty revealed her reason for leaving the company. As she suddenly teared up, she said: “I had to do well to fulfill high expectations, but it was so frustrating because I couldn’t.” Almost giving up her career in the entertainment industry’s harsh competition, she shared her reason for joining Idol School. She said, “I felt strange as I put away my ambition. I felt so sorry when I saw my parents crying when I returned to Thailand. I was sorry that I gave up.”


In the course of Idol School, students seemed to be frustrated with their final evaluations. They were taken to professionals to receive psychological counseling. The viewers were really shocked to see Natty open up about her insecurities regarding her looks. She told the counselor, “I don’t want to see my face. Because of malicious comments saying I’m ugly, I don’t feel confident about the way I look. My confidence in my singing and dancing skills is gone, too.”


These insecurities appeared when she was still in SIXTEEN, where people left malicious comments saying that she’s ugly. She was only 13 years old back then, and it must have been hard for an abroad teen like her. Responding to Natty’s confession, the counselor said, “Your appearance gives off a mysterious vibe. You need to love yourself in order for the public to love you.” Well, it’s true! People still love you Natty!

The SIXTEEN Small Reunion

Natty and another former JYP trainee, Park Ji-won, were able to visit JYP Entertainment during Idol School. They were both excited and nervous at the same time due to their past experience in that building. As soon as they arrived at the practice room, Natty dropped onto the floor screaming. She said in an interview, “I need to succeed before I return so that I have some kind of dignity.”


A few moments later, TWICE’s Momo and Mina came in to check out their team practicing the song “OOh-Aah” being very excited. Park Ji-won immediately screamed in joy and Natty looked happy as well after two years after SIXTEEN. Natty confessed, “Even in my trainee days, I really liked Momo. It was nice to see them again after a long time.”

This kind of small reunion brought back their memories of their difficult times as trainees who struggled together. TWICE’s Mina and Momo then encouraged Park Ji-won and Natty as well. Mina gave her support by saying, “Do your best and take care of your health.”

The Next Step of Natty


After being involved in Idol School, unfortunately, Natty once again failed as she was eliminated in the final episode, even though she was ranked first in vocal ability. This fact broke viewers’ hearts, as we can see that Natty has got plenty of talents and potential to make it big. Many people assume that Natty has already found a new agency, named WM Entertainment, after the show. This speculation occurred when Natty started following a WM Entertainment trainee’s Instagram account. But, there’s no further official information from either Natty or WM Entertainment.

Natty has also been rumored to have once again joined Mnet’s survival show Produce 48, to make a debut with a girl group in two and a half years. Teaser videos of Produce 48‘s interviews with the contestants are uploaded with a blurred view of the contestant’s face, so viewers were speculating that one of them is Natty, alongside former YG trainee Jang Ha-na. But as the show went on, neither Natty nor Jang Ha-na appeared in it.


Let’s hope that Natty will make a successful career under any agency and she will get what she deserves!