Learn More About Former Contestant of Mnet’s ‘Idol School’, Natty’s Full Profile, Career, and Latest News


Find Out More About Natty, A Former Contestant of Idol School

In South Korea, there are a lot of TV shows with a variety of musical content. Whether we are talking about variety shows, reality shows, or survival shows. This time, we are going to talk about one of those shows, namely a survival show! In a survival show, we get to see a lot of idols-to-be, with various talents and good-looking appearances as well. One of them was Natty, who became famously known once she got involved in the survival shows Idol School and SIXTEEN. Channel-Korea will provide you with detailed information about her, so keep on reading!

Just like the other contestants on the survival show, Natty enrolled herself into the show and had to go through a lot of steps to become the winner of the show. Since Natty was still a child, she had already challenged herself quite a bit by enrolling in a survival show. However, she also proved that her desire to be an idol was real. Even though she couldn’t make it, people still acknowledge her talent. However, there are some people who might be unfamiliar with her and her career yet, so let’s find out more about Natty, here!

Full Profile of Natty


Basically, Natty is known as a former trainee of JYP Entertainment. Previously, she also took part in SIXTEEN and Idol School as well. To find out more about Natty, we are going to kindly introduce you with her profile and general information about her. So, here’s the full profile of Natty!

Birth Name: Ahnatchaya Suputhipong (อานัชญา สุพุทธิพงศ์)

Stage Name: Natty

Place and Date of Birth: Thailand, May 30th, 2002

Age: 17 (International Age)/18 (Korean Age)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: O

Weight: 41 kg

Height: 152 cm

Interesting Facts About Natty

Here are some interesting and fun facts about Natty!

  • Natty comes from Thailand, which we can easily deduce from her real name, Ahnatchaya Suputhipong.
  • Natty joined JYP Entertainment in 2014.
  • She decided to leave JYP Entertainment in 2017 and took part in the survival show Idol School.
  • In Idol School, Natty got the first rank for vocal ability.
  • Previously, Natty also took part in another show, SIXTEEN (JYP Entertainment’s survival show).
  • Natty was still 13 years old when she performed in SIXTEEN, and she got eliminated because she was too young to debut.
  • In Idol School, Natty was part of the first batch.
  • Her motto is: “Don’t do better than others. Let’s develop more than now.”
  • Natty’s hobbies include making choreography, gymnastics, and watching videos on YouTube.
  • She is also known for having a great friendship with Jeon Somi.
  • One of her precious stuff is her necklace which was bought by her mother in Thailand before she went to South Korea.

Natty’s Appearance on SIXTEEN


Natty was one of the contestants of SIXTEEN, JYP Entertainment’s survival show from 2015. At that time, the survival show was supposed to create the girl group TWICE, but unfortunately, Natty didn’t make it and she got eliminated in episode 11 of SIXTEEN.

When she was in SIXTEEN, she was only 13 years old and was the youngest contestant of the show. And also, one of the reasons why she got eliminated was her age, she was kind of too young to debut as an idol at that time.

Let’s take a look at some of Natty’s pictures from SIXTEEN, below!


Watch some of Natty’s performances in SIXTEEN here:




Natty on Idol School


Right after SIXTEEN, Natty wasn’t going to stop there. In 2017, she had confirmed that she was no longer a part of JYP Entertainment. One of the reasons why Natty decided to enroll herself in the Mnet survival show, Idol School was also related to her leaving JYP Entertainment. Unfortunately, she was eliminated again and didn’t get a chance to debut.

Let’s take a look at some of Natty’s pictures from Idol School, below.


Watch some of Natty’s performances in Idol School, here:


Cut Scenes

Natty’s Latest News


Well, it’s been a long time since the last time people have seen Natty doing entertainment-related activities. Obviously, they would be wondering, what has she been up to lately? What about her future career? And something like that, but don’t worry! Channel-Korea will give you the answers to all those questions, and here are the latest news about Natty!

Recently, there have been no entertainment activities from Natty. But still, she remained to keep positive and pursues her dream of becoming one of the South Korean idols. Through her Instagram account, we can see that she has grown up from a cute little girl into a charming lady! And also, her fans are still supporting her through her posts on Instagram as well.

Not long ago, Natty also performed at the KCON Thailand 2019! Through the event, Natty proved her dancing and singing skills, she managed to entertain her fans who had already been missing her for a long time. Watch Natty’s performance at the KCON Thailand 2019, here:

Natty also took the time to get involved with one of the games at the event as well. It was called Dance Game Survival! In the game, Natty made a cover of one of the BLACKPINK songs, “Ddu-du Ddu-du,” and obviously she was looking effortlessly beautiful and charming!

And also, here are some of Natty’s recent updates on her personal Instagram account:









And well, that was all the information about Natty for today’s article! With her sincere desire to become an idol, and also her hard work, Natty has proven to the world that she can make it. Even though her name might still sound unfamiliar to some people at first, but as time goes by, Natty will show that she is there, with a lot of talent and charms as well. Let’s keep supporting Natty and hope that she can become even brighter than before!

This is the end of the article in which Channel-Korea has introduced you to the gorgeous Natty. Please, don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about her by writing a comment in the section below!