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Nana’s Latest News


Currently, Nana has just finished working on the drama Kill It, along with Jang Ki-yong and Noh Jong-ui. The final episode aired last April 28. OCN’s Kill It is an action drama about a veterinarian named Kim Soo-hyun (played by Jang Ki-yong), who has a secret past as a killer, and detective Do Hyun-jin (played by Nana), who is chasing after a serial killer. In the past, the two provided each other with strength at the Hansol orphanage, only to meet again 19 years later as a killer and detective.

About the finished project, she said, “I had fun filming in a comfortable and enjoyable environment with a good director, staff, and actors. I think it’s a huge fortune to have been able to [film] with such good people.” She added, “I always filmed while receiving good energy on-site, and it’s such a shame that I won’t be able to return to the set again. I think I’ll miss everyone and long for them. I won’t forget [my time here] as it held such special and important moments. Thank you so much to all the viewers who loved Kill It.

Her fellow group mates in After School also showed their support for her project by sending a food truck to the filming site. This can be seen through a post in Nana’s Instagram account, where she uploaded a selfie of herself in front of the food truck. There was also a banner that reads, “Lovely Nana became charismatic Hyun-jin (Nana’s character in Kill It)… (overwhelmed). Actors and staff members of ‘Kill It,’ eat and gather strength.

Despite her conflict with her previous drama project called Four Sons last year, where she had to pull out from the drama altogether, it seems that Nana’s acting career is still soaring high. Let’s hope we can see her very soon after this, with another new project where we could see another side of Nana’s charms!