Body Goals! Check Out Nana’s Diet Tips and Workout Routine!

After School’s Nana, an Idol with a Goddess-like Figure!

After School’s Nana is known to have one of the best figures among female idols. With her model-esque proportions and delicate features, she’s also often regarded as one of the most beautiful women in K-pop. No wonder a lot of magazines would want to feature her in one of their issues, to get their hands on Nana’s secrets. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you a compilation of Nana’s diet tips and workout routine, as well as an update of what she is currently working on!

Take a Look at Nana’s Tall, Slim Figure

In 2017, Nana was appointed by the global sport brand Puma to be their official ambassador. In one commercial shoot, Nana was seen wearing sportswear of the brand with tattoos littering her arms.

In the set of pictures above, Nana was posing while sporting a sport bra with some sweatpants. We can see clearly how well-defined her abs are..

In the picture above, you can see Nana doing a stretching position which shows her body curves.

Nana’s Workout Routine

During the interview in a pictorial with ‘Vogue Girl’ in 2014, Nana shared about the workout routine she does to keep her body shape. When asked what the secret was to her supermodel figure, she explained, “Every night, I do 100 squats and 100 push-ups. Even though it’s difficult, I make sure to do it before I go to sleep… I also walk up the stairs, two steps at a time, to maintain my pretty leg line.

In 2015, Nana was featured in the October issue of ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine. During the interview, she talked a lot on the topic of health and diet. When asked about her current fitness routine, Nana answered, “I’ve been getting personal training every day without rest. Honestly, you can maintain your figure by going three times a week, but if I don’t work out then my body would feel under the weather. No matter how late my schedule ends, I would go to the gym and work out. Because of this, my trainer would sometimes be annoyed at me.”


In Ceci magazine’s April 2016 issue, Nana shared her thoughts about her beauty and how it affects her, saying that when she was a rookie she used it to her advantage, but now she could not do the same anymore. She said, “When I was a rookie, if I didn’t know something, I think I just played it off by being cute. But I think I’m at an age where I can’t not know things. That’s why I study harder and take care of myself more.” She also revealed that she is a big fan of multivitamins and supplements and puts her lean body down to Pilates, horseback riding, and EMS (electric muscle stimulation) sessions.

In the clip below, you can see Nana’s Miero Fiber Exercise, a set of stretching positions she does in order to keep herself fit. You can try doing the stretches at home, too!

Nana’s Diet Tips


Still in the same 2015 ‘Cosmopolitan’ issue, regarding dieting, Nana revealed, “At first, I would work out and adjust my diet for my figure, but it’s not like that anymore. I realized that if I wanted a beautiful body, then my health would have to come first. I think if you work on being healthy, your figure will follow naturally.

She also shared, “Ever since I started exercising, I go to the health club to receive personal training even when I’m busy, and I prefer a low-sodium diet plan with healthy food.” Nana is extremely committed to finding time to work out and eat healthy.

In the pictorial for Ceci magazine’s April 2016 issue, in collaboration with cosmetic brand “DHC”, Nana stated, “I always perform strength exercises and inner therapy. I also make sure I’m careful about what I eat.”  She continued, “After eating, I take DHC garcinia and I feel my body become lighter. Even on days where I eat late at night or don’t get to exercise, I’m still able to digest everything. When I don’t have time to exercise while filming [the variety show Roommate], I just do some yoga or stretch.”

Nana’s Ideal Type and Dating News

During an interview with Sports DongA, Nana shared her thought regarding her ideal type of men. She said, “I like guys who are like moms; someone who can take care of me. I also tend to be cooler when I am dating. I tend to be more caring of my friends than my partner, so I want him to be able to fill in that lacking part of me.”

Supporting the previous statement, in another interview with MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’, Nana shared, “Rather than the outer appearance, personality is more important when I meet him. I like a feminine style who takes care of me well.” After that, she confessed, “I got asked out by over ten celebrities. Celebrities from various fields asked me out. I once rejected someone and there was someone else whom I was interested in, so I contacted him.”

In her variety show Roommate, she chose comedian Cho Sae-ho among other cast members as her ideal type. “I rely on him a lot and he often listens to my worries. He is very careful and detailed. Before filming Roommate, we did not have any relations, but we contact each other often now. Since I look more at a person’s personality instead of looks, Cho is the closest to my ideal type,” she said.

56rTalking about Nana’s love life, she once got caught in a dating rumor with actor Hong Jong-hyun in 2015. A local media source reported that the two had been dating for about seven months. However, both parties involved in the rumor denied it immediately. Hong Jong-hyun told Osen, “First of all, I didn’t know about the news report immediately. I was in a plane heading to Singapore. I got on the plane after saying it wasn’t true, but when I got off, I learned that there was a huge uproar, which surprised me.” True to that statement, at the time the rumor came out, Hong Jong-hyun was in the middle of filming We Got Married with Girls’ Day’s Yura. Regarding his relationship with Nana, Hong Jong-hyun explained, “We still meet up sometimes and remain good friends.”


In November 2017, Nana had an interview with Osen to open up about relationships and dating. She said, “Although I am single, I am trying my best to date often.” When asked about current relationship status, she confessed, “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I find it hard to meet a good person.