Throwback to Namgung Min and Hong Jin-young’s Romantic Moments in ‘We Got Married’!

Their Relationship after Their Virtual Marriage Ended

In an interview on June 5th, 2015, Nam Gung-min was asked by a reporter about his relationship with Hong Jin-young. He said that he never contacted her after We Got Married ended. He further revealed that there is no possibility for him and her to have a romantic relationship in real life.

Nam Gung-min has received many questions about his current relationship with Hong Jin-young and he has to consider his answer carefully, afraid of damaging her image. He said that he thinks of her as his younger sister and wanted to maintain her good image after the show ended. He contacted her early in the morning after a long time and explained the situation. He didn’t want the interview and article to give her any misunderstandings.

Latest News

On August 23rd, 2019, Hong Jin-young filed a lawsuit against her agency, Music K Entertainment, to end her contract. Using her Instagram account to share the news, she revealed that she suffered inflammation and received surgery to cure the inflammation. She couldn’t fulfill her schedule and target with agency. She suspected her agency for subtracting her payment contract and making a commercial contract without her permission. She thought a lot before deciding to end her contract. Let’s wish her to be able to recover from the illness and solve the problems with her agency.

Nam Gung-min’s recent project was KBS 2 TV’s drama, “Doctor Prisoner”. He played as Na Ji-yae, a surgeon who was forced out of his job and ended up working in a prison. He tried to recruit inmates from prison and planned for revenge. The drama received respectable ratings and well received by Korean viewers.

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