Let’s Look at Nam Joo-hyuk’s ‘Running Man’ Appearances!

Running Man

General Information About Running Man

Running Man is one of the most popular variety show in South Korea and was known for their ‘name tag ripping’ game. Almost everyone in the entertainment industry knew about Running Man and wished that they could make an appearance in this show. Nam Joo-hyuk was one of many actors who had the chance to appear in an episode. He appeared in 2015, when Running Man only had seven members, and now-former member Gary was still one of the fixed cast. What kind of games did Nam Joo-hyuk do in the show?

Before that, let’s take a look at Nam Joo-hyuk background for a short while!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Brief Profile

Nam Joo-hyuk in Cheese in the Trap

Nam Joo-hyuk is a model and actor from YG Entertainment. He first appeared on television by showing up as the male lead in Akdong Musician’s “200%” music video. After catching public’s attention with his charm, he started to offers to appear in dramas. His first drama was “The Idle Mermaid”, where he acted in one of the supporting role, but by the following year he got to play one of lead characters in “Who Are You: School 2015”, along with Kim So-hyun and BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae. His other works include “Cheese in the Trap”, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, “The Bride of Habaek” and many more.

Running Man Special Winter Episode

Nam Joo-hyuk with His Team Members in Running Man

Nam Joo-hyuk was making his appearance in the Running Man special winter episode with the theme of ‘investigating the life of male students’. He appeared with a group of actors including Hong Jong-hyun, Seo Kang-jun, Choi Tae-jun, and Seo Ha-jun. In this episode, they all belonged in one group, ‘Junior Team’, with Running Man’s member Lee Kwang-soo as their leader, while the rest of the fixed cast members were grouped together in ‘Senior Team’.

In this race, both teams are supposed to finish a variety of missions in order to receive hints for answering the question during the final mission. The final mission required them to guess the number one answer from a list of ten answers for a question related to male students. At the opening, Running Man’s member Yoo Jae-suk asked ‘Junior Team’ a question about whether any of them were dating or not right now. Without thinking, Nam Joo-hyuk answered yes, and was teased by the Running Man members. Still flustered, he quickly changed his answer, saying that currently, he’s not in a relationship with someone.

Running Man - Junior Team

While he’s caught off guard by this, his fellow team members were also trapped by the questions that Jae-suk asked, about when would they would realised they were interested in someone. Seo Kang-jun answered that he’d realized when he saw the girl he likes to smile, and he questioned himself about it. His response immediately got him teased for a short while before they moved to Seo Ha-jun, who answered when the girl he likes gave off a maternal vibe. This answer too immediately got wild responses from Running Man members. They even made Seo Ha-jun admit that he prefers older women and that he dated one in the past. But when they asked Choi Tae-jun, it turns out that his answer was in fact, the number one answer to the question.

After the intermezzo,  the Running Man PD gave them the question they had to solve for the final mission. The question was about the most difficult moment when crushing on someone. For this question, they were given multiple choices for answers, and they could get hints about the correct answer if they managed to win the games before reaching the final point.