Did Nam Joo-hyuk Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare His Before and After Looks

Teeth Surgery Rumors

Celebrities strive to perfect their look, and that included aiming for a perfect smile because every time they’re on screen they should smile with nice teeth. Nam Joo-hyuk has also been rumored to have had his teeth aligned. Let’s see this comparison:


In Nam Joo-hyuk’s photos from the past, it looks like his top teeth looks protrude a bit, which made his upper jaw and lips seem very full. In his recent photos, his teeth look more aligned than before. People said he might have had teeth surgery. Getting braces isn’t surgery, but sometimes, with extreme cases of a protrusion, the patient will need jaw surgery to address the issues. In Nam Joo-hyuk’s case, it is hard to figure out whether he got the surgery or not, but the alignment of his teeth looks quite normal.

So what do you think about Nam Joo-hyuk? Is he a natural-born beauty or not? Decide for yourself.

And as a bonus, here are some adorable photos from Nam Joo-hyuk’s childhood.


An innocent baby who loved to be close with mom.


Hello cutie little Nam Joo-hyuk, what are you praying for??


Just running out of words to see this hilarious childhood photo.


Just to refresh your eyes. Nam Joo-hyuk grew up really well!