Nam Joo-hyuk before ‘Startup’: Playing the Awkward Guy in ‘Cheese in the Trap’

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Free Hug Event

nam joo hyuk cheese in the trap

In the early airing of the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk promised fans that they would be hosting a free hug event if the drama exceeds a five percent rating. And, the drama broke the rating after only three episodes! It was a huge achievement since it is considerably hard to achieve such a rating for a TV cable drama.

And, as promised, Nam Joo-hyuk alongside the lead actor Park Hae-jin hosted a free hug event for fans at Soomkyung Women’s University, as voted on the drama’s website. Thirty minutes before the event started, the fans were waiting outside the building. For an hour, Nam Joo-hyuk and Park Hae-jin extended their hands to greet fans in a warm hug.

Wow, what a fun and joyful event. Check out the event in the video below!

Fans’ Reaction about the Drama

nam joo hyuk cheese in the trap

At first, the drama began with a promising start with a fresh concept and storyline. Even when Nam Joo-hyuk was first announced to be in the drama, the comments were mostly positive.

“Woah, what a great choice! He fits this role perfectly,” said a netizen on a fan forum.

The drama also generated quite a high rating during its early run. The appearances of stars like Park Hae-jinKim Go-eunSeo Kang-joon, Lee Sung-kyung, and of course, Nam Joo-hyuk stole the show throughout the episodes. However, the last two episodes of the drama ended with disappointing notes from fans.

Before ending, this drama also drew various controversies for their PPL (product placement). The scenes of Yoo-jung (Park Hae-jin) also began to disappear and were cut abruptly, leaving a gaping hole in the storyline.

Seeing the long-awaited Cheese in the Trap ending, netizens voiced their disappointment. Some fans immediately thought there was a conspiracy that made the director make Seo Kang Joon’s character stand out more than Park Hae-jin.

“Really, this is the only tvN drama that failed miserably among other outstanding dramas,” commented a netizen.

Fans also hoped that there would be a better alternate ending or a continuation for the drama:

After the filming, the cast of Cheese in the Trap went on a vacation in Thailand. However, it was revealed that Park Hae-jin, Lee Sung-kyung, and Nam Joo-hyuk did not go, probably because these three stars felt disappointed with the ending.

But, despite the disappointing ending, we’d still say to give this drama a chance. At least, you’ll not regret getting to know Eun-taek aka Nam Joo-hyuk’s character! So, what do you say? Yes or no? Give us the answer in the comment section below!