Profile of 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun: Age, Height, Boyfriend, and Facts


The New ‘Nam Ji Hyun’, Now Call Her ‘Son Ji Hyun’!

‘Son Ji Hyun’ formerly known as ‘Nam Ji Hyun’, was a part of popular South Korean girl group called 4Minute under Cube Entertainment. She was a leader and diligently promoting alongside her teammates such as Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun, until the group disbanded in June 2016. The reason was that all the members except Hyuna decided not to renew their contract, and then Jihyun and the 3 others went their separate ways.

Now she is working as an actress under the agency named ‘Artist Company’, which is known as one of the top Korean Entertainment companies formed by veteran actors Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae. Also she decided to change her name to Son Ji Hyun in late 2017.

Official Personal Twitter : @4m_namjiji0109
Official Personal Instagram : @sjh9019

Nam Ji Hyun’s Full Profile


Former Birth Name : Nam Ji Hyun (남지현/南智賢)
New Official Name : Son Ji Hyun (손지현)
Former Stage Name : Jihyun (지현)
Former Position in 4Minute : Leader, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual/Face of The Group
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : January 9, 1990
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Height : 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight : 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type : A
Languages : Korean, Japanese, English
Hobbies : Dancing, Ballet, Learning English, Cooking
Siblings : Younger brother
Education : Sangmyung University, Major in Dance

More Facts and Trivia About Son Ji Hyun

  • She grew up in Incheon, South Korea.
  • Her nicknames including Innocent Lovely Jihyun, Nam Yeoshin (Nam Goddess), 4-D Jihyun, Namjiji (trashy), NamGee, Nam Leader, Namdakyu, Nambaewoo (Nam The Actress), Namdocu, Nam Hyori, and Namvatar.
  • She received the nickname “Namvatar” on “Bouquet” because she can do anything she’s told to do.
  • She has never had plastic surgery on her body or her face.
  • She was chosen as 4minute’s leader after just 6 months of being a trainee.
  • She only auditioned once.
  • She was the oldest and the mother of the group.
  • Jihyun auditioned for JYP Entertainment but was eliminated. However, she then joined Cube Entertainment as a result of the founder, Hong Seung-sung, being recommended by JYP’s recruitment department in finding members to form 4Minute.
  • She adored dancing for years., and regularly went on stage for events at school.
  • On February 24, 2015, she graduated from Sangmyung University having received a degree in Contemporary Ballet and a lifetime achievement award at the University’s graduation ceremony.
  • She likes Hello Kitty and Micky Mouse.
  • She admires figure skater Kim Yuna and singer Madonna.
  • She wishes to become a well-rounded entertainer and performer like BoA.
  • She is a positive thinker, and doesn’t believe in giving up easily.
  • She is worried about her crow’s feet and her body in general.
  • She is scared of snakes, fireworks, and water among other things.
  • Other members say that she is a bad liar.
  • She’s a bagel girl (baby face with glamorous body).
  • She is a bookworm.
  • Jihyun puts one pillow on top of another pillow when she’s going to sleep.
  • Jihyun is very shy at first, sometimes she can be very awkward around people
  • She said she has already considered the idea of getting married.
  • She danced ballet.
  • She once did the splits while she was sleeping
  • She’s interested in perfumes.
  • Jihyun massages her body by herself with baby oil early in the morning.
  • Jihyun’s good skin is in her genes, because her mother’s skin is good too.
  • Her drinking capacity is one bottle of soju.
  • Jihyun gets very serious when learning new language.
  • She is the best at writing and speaking English.
  • Her first kiss was on the top floor of a library.
  • She is close to SISTAR’s Soyu, who almost became a part of 4minute.
  • She is also close to Super Junior’s Donghae.
  • She was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol, she was paired up with ZE:A’s Hyungsik on the show
  • Her ideal type is someone who can make her laugh. Also he has to be a respectful person who she can learn from and who is not the player type.
  • Jihyun is a big fan of sing/worldstar Rain. Once, Rain bought her a strawberry smoothie and she washed the cup out and has never thrown it out.

Former Leader of 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun’s Boyfriend Rumors


Around November 2015, Jihyun was involved in a dating rumor with DJ R.Tee. She got spotted enjoying a date while exploring IKEA, eating dessert, and spending their time together with friends. She also went to R.Tee’s performance and joined the after-party. This couple is already well-known among fans. At this potential dating news, netizens showed little interest, and it wasn’t officially confirmed whether or not it was true .

Former Leader of 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun’s Dating Rumors


After completing a reality show called “The Romantic Idol” in 2013, Jihyun was speculated to be dating ZE:A’s Park Hyungshik for real. The two were among the 8 who appeared on this program, and were the couple whose minds connected the most. As dates were paired based on their personal preferences, they often met during ‘Preference Shuffle’.

Not long after the rumors started spreading, Hyungshik stepped up and cleared up the rumors by saying, “She is just friend who supports me and gives me advice.” He also added, “The show was filmed very comfortably. It’s like meeting friends. In fact, there aren’t many opportunities for idol groups to work with each other. It felt good being together with peers in the same industry. Until now, eight of us still keep in touch. We gathered as well.

Meanwhile Jihyun commented, “I was having a mental breakdown. I heard many things about me and Hyungsik dating.” She laughed. In fact, Jihyun isn’t fond of dating people who are younger than her. When she first met Hyungsik, she saw him as a younger brother. Nam Jihyun even once said, “Since I’m your noona, I will drop formalities.” She expressed, “I never felt that he was younger. I felt that he was mature. I thought to myself, this is how it feels, dating younger guys“.

List of Nam Ji Hyun / Son Ji Hyun’s Movies and TV Shows


In addition to her music activities back in 4Minute’s era, Jihyun started a career as an actress by taking minor roles at first. Then sometime in 2015, after she was interviewed by a fashion magazine “The Celebrity” about her views toward acting, she earned mixed reactions from netizens, who mainly left negative comments about her controversial acting.

But despite all of that criticisms, her current agency’s co-founder, Actor Jung Woo-sung, described her as a person who has big dreams about acting. That’s why he brought Son Ji-hyun to pursue acting under the agency, because she also has a great passion for her work.

List of Son Ji Hyun’s Movies 

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Midnight FM Herself Cameo
2014 The Youth Seung-ah Segment: “Wonderwall”


List of Son Ji Hyun’s TV Shows 

Year Title Network Role Notes
2012 The Romantic & Idol Regular cast with ZE:A’s Hyungsik
She and Her Car MBC Host
2015 Real Beauty MC


List of 4Minute’s TV Shows 

Year Show Network Notes
2009 MTV 4minute MTV Documentary series
2010 4minute’s Friend Day MTV The group makes friends with ordinary people.
4minute’s All In SBS
2011 4Minute’s Mr. Teacher E-Channel Celebrity guests teach the group how to become international pop stars.
4Minute @ Shikshin Road
Exciting Cube TV Mnet With Beast, G.NA and other members of Cube Entertainment
2012 4Minute’s Travel Maker QTV Korea Travel documentary series.
2015 4Minute’s Video K-Star Started to air on July 6
Cube TV IHQ With other members of Cube Entertainment


List of Nam Ji Hyun / Son Ji Hyun’s Dramas

Year Title Network Role Notes
2010 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl SBS Shin Sun-hau
2011 A Thousand Kisses MBC Jang Soo-ah
2012 The 3rd Hospital tvN Herself Cameo
Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog Channel A Herself
2013 Monstar Mnet Stella
Love and War 2 KBS Seo Young
Please Remember, Princess – Generation of Romance Naver Yoon Min-ah
2014 Marriage, Not Dating tvN Herself Cameo
Love Cells Naver Seo-rin
2015 She Is 200 Years Old Naver Se-yeon
2016 My Little Baby MBC Han So-yoon
2017 Strongest Deliveryman KBS Choi Yeon-ji
2018 Grand Prince TV Chosun Ryu Shi-gae

About Her New Name, Son Ji Hyun


She legally changed her name to Son Ji-hyun in December 2017, announced by her new agency ‘Artist Company’. Then she herself confirmed that she just wanted a new path and fresh start as an actress, but some netizens thought it may possibly be because there is another actress named Nam Ji-hyun, who is five years younger and more popular than her.

In a letter, she wrote,

Hello, this is Son Jihyun.
It feels very new to greet you at the end of the year with a new name.
I think you might be surprised by my sudden greeting.
This takes me back to when I first debuted in June 2009.
We received so much love, and as I promoted within that, I matured little by little.
When I look back now, it’s a miracle and a blessing that I was able to make memories and connect with many people.
I am here now thanks to the people who supported me, and I won’t be able to let go of that gratefulness.
I had a lot of thoughts as I walked the path of an actress.
I was a little chaotic inside as I learned things that were completely new on a road that was completely different.
I don’t think that changing my name would make things different, but I wanted to live new as ‘Son Jihyun’, taking the family name from my mother.
I was uneasy using the name because I was worried that I might disappoint fans who have believed in me and supported me.
It’s a decision I came to after long considerations…
I will be thankful if you understand that I do this with a heavy heart.
I will give back by working hard, as I made this hard decision.
Thank you for reading this while you are busy concluding the year.
I hope you are careful of the cold as the weather gets colder, and that you have a healthy, warm new year.
Thank you.