Korean Singer Nam Gyu-ri: Full Profile, Love Life, Plastic Surgery, Makeup, etc.

Nam Gyu Ri’s Love Life


Nam has never been in a public relationship because she’s quiet secretive about her private life. In the show Tipsy Talk, Nam revealed her ideal type is a man who is kind but look like a bad boy. She also said that she likes a honest man like one of the MC, Shin Dong Yeop.

For marriage, Nam still didn’t have any plan because she don’t have capacity to do that and actually, for her, she didn’t care much about marriage. When she found someone whom she wants to marry, then she’ll get married.

I want to do it whenever I see a person I want to marry” she said.

For now, Nam said that she just wants to focus on acting career and improve herself to be a better actress.


Nam Gyu Ri’s Makeup

Nam is famous for her big eyes and doll like face. Nam never told the public about getting plastic surgery procedures but she looks different from her pre-debut photos.





Many people are questioning about her pupils because she has a big pupil. But, she didn’t do anything to her pupils. She doesn’t even wear contact lens. The change of her face is  mostly because of make up. Her pupil is still her real pupil. Because of her doll appearance, people started to make ‘Nam Gyu Ri Makeup Tutorial’.


Nam Gyu Ri’s Trivia

  • Nam always wanted to try graffiti but she’s afraid she’ll get caught by the police.
  • Nam had a stage accident. She accidentally exposed her breast because her clothes were too big. The costume that she wore used to be Beyonce’s stage clothes.
  • Nam become a model for the game Tekken.
  • Nam loves fried chicken with sauce.
  • Nam used to give dancing lessons to kids.
  • Nam is weak to a man with a nice voice.
  • Nam always wanted to be a girl scout.