Korean Singer Nam Gyu-ri: Full Profile, Love Life, Plastic Surgery, Makeup, etc.


Who is Nam Gyu-ri?

Nam Gyu-ri is a South Korean actress and singer. Not only famous her skills in acting and singing, she also famous for her beauty look. Wanna know more about her? Here’s her profile!

Nam Gyu-ri’s Profile

Name: Nam Gyu-ri

Real Name: Nam Mi-jung

Date of Birth: April 25, 1985

Place of Birth: Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: Type O

Zodiac: Taurus

Education: Kyunghee University, Department of Theater and Film

Official Instagram: @nam_gyuri

Official Fancafe: https://cafe.naver.com/namkyulee

Official Twitter: @kyurin1022

Official Weibo: kyurin1022


Nam Gyu Ri’s Drama List


Super Star (2010)

Life is Beautiful (2010)

49 Days (2011)

Pianissimo (2011)

Drama Special – Butcher Barber (2012)

Lovers of Haeundae (2012)

Ohlala Couple – Cameo (2012)

Heartless City (2013)

My Forgetful Girlfriend (2014)

Drama Special – House, Mate (2014)

Late Night Restaurant – Cameo (2015)

Yeah, That’s How It Is (2016)

Swan – Web Drama (2017)

Hey Anna! Let’s Eat! – Web Drama (2017)

Terius Behind Me – Special Appearance (2018)


Nam Gyu Ri’s Movie List


Unstoppable Marriage – Cameo (2007)

Death Bell (2008)

More Than Blue (2009)

Mr. Idol – Cameo (2011)

Top Star – Cameo (2013)

Mad Sad Bad (2014)

Deja Vu (2018)

History of Jealousy (2018)


Nam Gyu Ri’s Variety Show List


Burundi, Small Hope for the Six Brothers and Sisters – Docummentary (2013)

Law of the Jungle (2015)

Tipsy Talk (2018)


Nam Gyu Ri’s Discography

Movie and Drama Soundtrack

“Flying in the Deep Night and Lately I” feat. Lee Hong Ki – Unstoppable Marriage OST (2007)

“Man” – Death Bell OST (2008)

“I Wanna See Your Face” – More Than Blue OST (2009)

“Say Love” – Jewel Bibimbap OST (2010)

“Pygmalion Love” – Erasing Memories (2010)

“Lightness Window” – 49 Days OST (2011)

“I Only Look at You” – Mr. Idol OST (2011)

“That Man” – Fashion King OST (2012)

“Haeundae Lovers” – Haeundae Lovers OST (2012)



“Taste of Love” – Nam Gyu Ri feat. One Way (2010)

“Starlight Tears” – Nam Gyu Ri in Oh Jun Seong’s The Works series (2011)

“That Man” – Nam Gyu Ri (2012)

“A Man and Woman Meet For the First Time” – Nam Gyu Ri feat. Lee Kyeol (2013)

“Moon River” – Nam Gyu Ri (2014)



“Don’t Cheat” – Miss S feat. Nam Gyu Ri (2008)

“Goodbye and Goodbye” – Shin Hye Sung feat. Nam Gyu Ri (2010)

“Winter Story” – Park Si Hoo, Park Si Yeon, Jo Yeo Jeong, Nam Gyu Ri, Jo Dal Han, Otani Ryohei, Choi Su Jeong, Jeong Woo Jin (2011)