Updates on Nam Bo-ra: The Truth Behind Her Brother’s Death and Appearance on ‘Law of the Jungle’

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The Baby Faced Actress Nam Bo-ra

Korean actress Nam Bo-ra was born on November 27th, 1989. She is the second oldest child in a family of 12 siblings. Nam Bo-ra started her career in the entertainment industry back in 2006, by appearing in the drama titled Look Back With a Smile. She also appeared in the popular horror movie Death Bell 2 in 2008, playing the character of Hyun Ah.

But she started getting more popular when she got a role in the historical drama titled Moon Embracing the Sun, acting as Princess Min Hwa, in 2012. Not only she has appeared in drama series and movies, but Nam Bo-ra has also appeared in the music videos of other artists and a couple of variety shows.

Some of you guys might not have heard about Nam Bo-ra’s brother’s death, right? Or maybe, about her appearance in the surviving realty show Law of the Jungle, after mourning her brother’s death. Don’t worry, because today, we were going to dig deeper for information about it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Nam Bo-ra and Her 12 Siblings


The number of members in her family has shocked many people with 13 children, including Nam Bo-ra herself. On March 30th, 2012, some of her family members, including her parents, Nam Sang-dong and Lee Young-mi, together with several of Nam Bo-ra’s siblings made an appearance on the MBC morning show titled Good Day.

Nam Bo-ra’s family revealed that this was not their first television appearance and they had been guests in TV shows before. Several years ago, they made an appearance in the famous KBS variety show Life Theater and Our Sunday Night – Chorus of Angels on MBC.

And here is the list with Nam Bo-ra’s family members, listing all of her siblings, starting by the oldest to the youngest:

  1. Nam Kyung-han – 30 years old
  2. Nam Bo-ra – 29 years old
  3. Nam Ji-na – 26 years old
  4. Nam Jin-han – 24 years old
  5. Nam Suk-woo – 22 years old
  6. Nam Hui-ho – 21 years old
  7. Nam Sae-bin – 20 years old
  8. Nam Dae-wit – 19 years old
  9. Nam Sae-mi – 17 years old
  10. Nam So-ra- 16 years old
  11. Nam Kyung-woo – 14 years old
  12. Nam Duk-woo – 11 years old
  13. Nam Young-il – 9 years old

The Truth Behind Her Brother’s Death

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A piece of shocking news came from Nam Bo-ra on December 28th, 2015, when a Korean news portal reported that the actress’ younger brother had passed away. According to the report, Nam Bo-ra and her family were already at the wake until early in the morning when the funeral procession had begun.

Her agency, Will Entertainment, released a simple statement saying, “It’s true that she experienced an unfortunate event, but it is difficult for us to reveal the details about it. Her younger siblings don’t know this happen yet.”

But then, the media confirmed that the reason for Nam Bo-ra’s younger brother’s death was suicide.

After Three Long Years, Nam Bo-ra Finally Opens Up About the Death Of Her Younger Brother

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On August 24th, 2018, Nam Bo-ra opened up about losing her younger brother, in an episode of the JTBC4 reality show Secret Sister.

Nam Bo-ra, with her “sister” Hwang Bo, they prompted to talk about the difficult time in her life when she was unable to get out of bed. Nam Bo-ra said, “When my younger brother died. Suddenly.”

She then continued, “He said that he was going out to meet a friend, but after that, we couldn’t get a hold of him for two days. Do you know when you suddenly get a terrible feeling? It was like that. There was a police station right in front of our house so I went there. On the way, I fell four times. I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t breathe as well while crying. I said I had to talk to the person in charge, but all they said was ‘It was a celebrity.'”

Nam Bo-ra then said, “I wasn’t in my right mind, but I wiped my tears away. I thought if I didn’t pull it together, I wouldn’t be able to find my brother. Then, we found him on the next day, but it was already too late.”

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She says that what makes it even sadder is that it was all happening during Christmas eve, Nam Bo-ra says, “Christmas is supposed to be a happy day, but I still don’t like it up until now.”

While being interviewed by the production team, she said, “It just came up, and I recalled things that I had forgotten about, about what happened three years ago. It is my first time talking about it after a long time.” Then she started spilling tears as she continued, “I’ve let it fester for so long.”

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After the death of her younger brother, Nam Bo-ra started doing a morning prayer because it was so hard for her. “After going to morning prayer every day for three months, things started getting better,” she said.


Nam Bo-ra in Law of the Jungle

nam bora law of the jungle

On February 28th, 2018, Law of the Jungle announced their next line-up for the show that will be held in Mexico. The group will be split into two, the first group will consist of Eun Kwang and Hyun Shik from BTOB, actress Han Eun-jung, actor Oh Man-seok, and actor Choi Jung-won that will leave for Mexico on March.

Then the second group includes Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Winner’s Lee Sung-hoon, Madtown’s Jota, comedian Kim Joon-hyun, chef Choi Hyun-seok, and actress Nam Bo-ra.

Nam Bo-ra Bursts Into Tears After Getting Injured in Law of the Jungle. Why?


After getting injured, Nam Bo-ra just burst into tears in Law of the Jungle!

On June 29th, 2018, while filming the variety show, Nam Bo-ra, along with Choi Hyun-suk, went to pick up some fruits. On the way to returning to the base camp, they suddenly got injured. She then began to cry and actor Choi Hyun-suk was really worried about her and asked her, “Can you walk?”

Nam Bo-ra responded, “It’s okay. I can walk.” She then got treated by the doctor. The actress explained her feelings, “I was so surprised, I was scared. There was a deep pool and one of my feet fell into it. It was so deep and I fell up to my thigh, it felt like my entire body fell in though.”

But from all of that, both Nam Bo-ra and Choi Hyun-suk were fine at the end. We hope these kinds of accidents won’t be happening again in future episodes. Here are some photos of them:

nam bora law of the jungle

Here is the cut video of Nam Bo-ra in Law of the Jungle:

Nam Bo-ra’s Instagram Feed

Here are the latest photos that Nam Bo-ra has posted on her personal Instagram account. Make sure to follow her as well!



Latest News of Nam Bo-ra

Nam Bo-ra Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend?!

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On February 15th, 2016, Nam Bo Ra reportedly broke up with her boyfriend, the morning after Valentine’s Day.

Before, Korean news outlet YTN News, previously uploaded a photo of Nam Bo-ra and her boyfriend enjoying a date during Valentine’s day. Then, the actress’ agency, Will Entertainment, reported that the two of them broke up the morning after.

A representative from Will Entertainment told the news outlet TV Report, “Nam Bo-ra had broken up with her boyfriend, Mr. Choi in the past. However, it was not a bad break up so they still kept meeting up with each other until now.” They also clarified further by saying, “They did meet yesterday, on February 14th, but this morning they completely ended things.”

“When Nam Bo-ra came to work this morning, she wasn’t sure how to tell us,” the agency then added, “But she didn’t want to deceive anyone else, so she told us the truth about the situation.”

A photo of Nam Bo-ra and her boyfriend was previously uploaded on February 11th. During that time, her boyfriend was reported to be the son of a CEO from a large company in Korea. Here are their photos:

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nam bora
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