IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako: Profile, Height, Produce 48, Etc.

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Performance on Stage

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As a child, Nako made her debut in a movie at a very young age. She also appeared in some movies or commercials while she was in elementary school. That’s the reason why Nako has no problem appearing in public. She was been a child actress after all.

Nako also joined the HKT48 family when she was only 12 years old. Just imagine how young she was! But, it’s not a rare thing in the J-pop industry to debut at such a young age. Usually, in J-pop culture, most of the idols start their debut at a very young age and don’t even have that many skills at first. So, fans keep on supporting them from time to time and see how much they can grow.

So now, you may be wondering how good are Nako’s performances after over five years of her anniversary debut in HKT48. J-pop culture and stages are different from K-pop. Let’s see how good Nako performed with IZ*ONE from their debut year, 2018, to their last year of performing, 2021!

If you want to see more of Nako, let’s see the videos that focus on her only!

What do you think of Nako’s performances? Nako is such an adorable lil bub!

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Hate Comments: Too Short, Participated in HKT48, Etc.

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As a K-pop idol, it seems like a normal thing to receive hate comments all over the Internet. It is such a bad culture that unfortunately keeps going around K-pop fandoms. However, sometimes the hate comments focused on Nako are just too ridiculous.

One of the criticisms that come to her is about HKT48’s activity in December 2018. At that time, HKT48 had an 8th-anniversary concert in Tokyo Dome. Sakura and Nako who were members of HKT48 joined the concert even though they were promoting with IZ*ONE.

Some of WIZ*ONE, the fandom name of IZ*ONE, felt betrayed by the two of them still joining HKT48’s activity since their agency, Off the Records, released a statement saying that Miyawaki Sakura, Honda Hitomi, and Yabuki Nako won’t have any HKT48’s activities until April 2021. So, the three of them should just focus on IZ*ONE’s activities, according to critics.


And, the other ridiculous comment that was sent to Nako is people calling her fat or too short to be an idol. As you can see, Nako’s height is 150 cm, and due to her short figure, her body seems fat. But actually, she’s just fit and her body is ideal.

nako yabuki

What do you think of the hate comments about Nako? Some netizens really should just leave the idols alone.

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Korean Skills

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Nako was born and raised in Japan and became a young celebrity in Japan when she was young. And suddenly, when she was 17 years old, she had to learn the Korean language due to her work. How do you think Nako survived?

Indeed, IZ*ONE promotes in both countries, Japan and Korea, and they have members that can speak Korean which are the Korean natives, and the members that can speak Japanese which are the Japanese natives. But in order to interact with the fans in Korea, Nako and the other Japanese members had to learn Korean.

Don’t worry, Nako is such a fast learner. She even made friends with some Korean idols.

So, let’s see how good Nako’s Korean is in some clips below!

What do you think of Nako’s Korean skills? Seems like she has no problems communicating in Korean. She’s doing great as a K-pop idol!


We have reached the end of the article. Hopefully, all the info about Yabuki Nako has helped you understand and know her better because indeed she’s such a beautiful cutie-pie. She also knows how to handle the stage well despite her young age, not to mention her cuteness. Don’t you feel like you want to keep her in your pocket? Which of her charms do you like the most? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.