IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako: Profile, Height, Produce 48, Etc.

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Meet the Cutie-Pie Idol from IZ*ONE, Yabuki Nako

K-pop is getting popular these days, not only around Korea but also outside Korea where the music and lifestyle have embraced people globally. The success of some K-pop boy groups and girl groups have reached international achievements such as BTS, Twice, Blackpink, Monsta X, etc.

All of them have contributed to spreading the K-pop virus around the world. No wonder these days we’re getting a lot of various kinds of K-pop songs, comeback concepts, and even styles. That’s why people never get bored with K-pop.

And, if you think K-pop has created a lot of new unpredictable things, imagine if you can see K-pop and J-pop idols together. Well, you don’t need to imagine that because we can see them together in a group called IZ*ONE.

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Not only do they have Japanese members, but their Japanese members are idols in Japan, too. Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako, and Honda Hitomi are members of 48 Group that is popular in Japan and other countries. Because of the collaboration between AKB48 and the Produce 101 series, the K-pop idols and J-pop idols formed into one team called IZ*ONE.

But, we’re not going to talk about IZ*ONE in general. Instead, we will talk about one J-pop and K-pop idol from IZ*ONE that has captured a lot of people’s hearts with her cuteness. It’s none other than Yabuki Nako!

Let’s meet and get to know Nako better in the sections below!

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Profile

nako yabuki

Nako is in charge of vocals in IZ*ONE. Along with Miyawaki Sakura and Honda Hitomi, she became a representative of 48 Group in IZ*ONE. The Korean members are Eunbi, Hyewon, Yena, Chaeyeon, Chaewon, Minju, Yuri, Yujin, and Wonyoung. The twelve of them were chosen from Produce 48, or the third season of the Produce 101 series.

Now, let’s see Yabuki Nako’s basic info in her profile down below!

Full Name: Yabuki Nako

Korean Name: 야부키 나코

Japanese Name: 矢吹奈子

Stage Name: Nako

Nickname: Nako Nako Ttang Ttang, Nabuki Yako, Na Buk-hee, Nako Kim, Nako Nako Ni, Cute Little Fairy, etc.

Birthplace: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Nationality: Japan

Birthdate: June 18, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac: Earth Pig

Position: Vocalist

Occupation: Singer, idol

Weight: 40 kg

Height: 150 cm


Family: Parents, 1 younger sister, 1 older sister

Debut year with HKT48: 2013

Debut year with IZ*ONE: 2018

Agency: AKS / Off the Record

Instagram: @75_yabuki

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Facts

nako yabuki

Now that we have learned about Nako’s profile, let’s learn more things about her. We may have known her height and weight, MBTI type, zodiac sign, or even her family. But, do you know that Nako and Momoland’s Jane are friends? She’s really filled with a lot of exceptional things.

Well, let’s see other things about Yabuki Nako by reading Nako’s interesting facts!

  • In an Instagram Live, Nako revealed that her phone screen picture was Kim Sejeong.
  • Nako is a big fan of Twice. She did some covers of Twice’s songs such as “Heart Shaker,” “Yes or Yes,” etc. She really likes Sana and Jihyo.
  • Nako likes ice cream or something cold such as shaved ice cream.
  • Nako really enjoys playing games.
  • If Lee Chaeyeon has the best Japanese among the Korean members, Nako has the best Korean among the Japanese members.
  • Nako said that she likes parakeets and hates soy milk.
  • Nako’s Korean level is really good to the point where people confuse her as Korean.
  • Nako’s height is a little bit less than 150 cm. She had wished to become taller until 190 cm.
  • However, Nako’s height is becoming part of her charms since she has a short figure and a cute face.
  • Nako is friends with Momoland’s Jane and Nancy. They hung out in Tokyo once.

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki’s Pre-Debut

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Nako was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She was born on June 18, 2001. Nako lived in her hometown along with her parents, older sister, and younger sister. Although she seems like the youngest child due to lots of aegyo, she is actually the middle child in her family.

When she was 4 years old, Nako made her acting debut in a movie called Touch in 2005 where she played the young role of Asakura Minami in the movie. Nako also starred in a movie called Detective Samonji in 2009. Nako also appeared in a lot of commercials as a child.

For your information, in case you don’t know this, AKB48 has a lot of sister groups around the nation and worldwide. AKB48 is a group that has a base in Akihabara, Tokyo. Their other sister groups have bases in other cities. Normally, if Nako is from Tokyo, she would audition for the AKB48 group in Tokyo. Instead, she auditioned for HKT48 in Fukuoka.

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It turned out that Nako is actually a big fan of Sashihara Rino, a member of AKB48. Nako really likes her to the point where she believed that she was the reincarnation of Rino’s cat. She went to a handshake event to met Rino, and Rino recommended Nako to join the audition of AKB48. Nako decided to join the audition, but she went to HKT48 after Rino moved to HKT48.

Thank goodness, Nako passed the audition and she became a third-generation member of HKT48 in 2013.

Let’s see a clip of Nako in HKT48!

IZ*ONE’s Nako Yabuki on Produce 48

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The popular Produce 101 series has reached a lot of countries around the world, including Japan, especially after the huge popularity of WANNA ONE. No wonder that in 2017, Mnet as the representative of the Produce 101 series and Akimoto Yashushi announced a collaboration between the two of them to create the new season of the Produce 101 series that included not only trainees from Korea but also from Japan.

Yabuki Nako along with 38 other participants from Japan including from the 48 Group flew to Korea to join the survival show. Produce 48 was held in Seoul and had some trainers from Korea. Since they were originally from Japan and barely knew Korean, Lee Hongki was responsible for translating for the Japanese participants.

Nako did great in the Produce 48 program. Due to her cuteness, she caught people’s attention. Especially, her small size makes her look like a bunny.


Let’s take a look at Nako’s performances while she was in Produce 48!

What do you think of Nako’s performances in Produce 48? She’s just too cute to handle!

Nako is just too adorable and no one can help but vote for her. She passed through all the episodes, and she finished at the 6th rank in the final episode, which meant that she could debut with IZ*ONE along with the other 11 members. Good job, Nako!

Nako Yabuki’s Debut with IZ*ONE


After the program ended on August 31, 2018, Nako and other members prepared for their debut that started in Korea first. As you already know, this group was promoted not only in Korea but also in Japan. So, the members had to learn each other’s language in addition to preparing for the songs, dances, etc.

And, finally, the long-awaited debut was here! IZ*ONE made their official debut after releasing their first single track called “La Vie en Rose” which was released on October 29, 2018. The group released it on their first extended play or mini-album called Color*iz.

Let’s see the music video of “La Vie en Rose!”

What do you think about the music video? Now that you have seen their debut MV, let’s see the debut stage of IZ*ONE on a Korean music show!

And lastly, let’s see the dance practice of their debut song!