Nakamoto Yuta’s Appearance In ‘Abnormal Summit’


Has Starred in JTBC’s Variety Show Program: Here Is Nakamoto Yuta’s Appearance In JTBC’s Abnormal Summit!

Abnormal Summit is one of the talk shows that attracts the attention of viewers in Korea. The Abnormal Summit program premiered on July 7th, 2014, and became one of the most popular JTBC programs. Presenting panelists from different countries, the audience also gained a lot of interesting knowledge. The audience was very happy to see foreigners arguing in Korean. It was quite surprising that non-Korean members discussed international and domestic issues, and even had difficult conversations in fluent Korean.

The Abnormal Summit program has been showing meaningful episodes every week. Together with Jun Hyun-moo, Yoo Se-yoon, and Sung Si-kyung as MCs, the discussion went well with panelists from various countries and several Korean guest star performers, contributing to the success factor of the program. One of the panelists was Nakamoto Yuta from Japan.

Yuta was a trainee of SM Entertainment in South Korea at the time of starring in the Abnormal Summit program. At that time, he was still a member of the original SM Rookies and had not yet made his official debut. He was the representative of Japan to replace Takuya Terada, who at that time chose to withdraw from the program. After less than a year of joining the program, Yuta eventually chose to withdraw from Abnormal Summit to focus on preparing for his debut with NCT at the end of 2015.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about Nakamoto Yuta‘s appearance in jTBC’s Abnormal Summit before his official debut as an NCT member. So, stay tuned!

Nakamoto Yuta Chosen To Be A New Cast Member Of JTBC’s Abnormal Summit


During his pre-debut, one of the SM Entertainment trainees who at that time had joined the SM Rookies, Nakamoto Yuta from Japan officially joined the JTBC variety program Abnormal Summit. Yuta’s entry into the program was to replace Takuya from Japan. Takuya was a member of Cross Gene who previously was a permanent member of this program.

Not only Yuta had become a new member, but several other new names had also been introduced by JTBC. They were Carlos from Brazil, Nikolai from Norway, Andreas from Greece, Przemyslaw from Poland, and Sammy from Egypt. Yuta’s appearance in this program attracted the attention of many people, especially taking into consideration the fact that he came from the big SM Entertainment family which at that time had not yet made his official debut. However, the other members were also no less intriguing.

This was the first time Brazil, Norway, Poland, and Greece had been invited as part of the panel. Carlos was an employee of the Brazilian Embassy in Korea, Nikolai was a graduate of the University of Korea. The Polish representative, Przemyslaw was a doctoral student at Joongang University. The representative from Greece, Andreas was an English teacher at a high school in the Cheongju region.

At first, Yuta‘s appearance in the program received a lot of criticism from netizens because of his status as an idol in SM Entertainment. What’s more, at that time, Yuta had not yet officially debuted in the South Korean entertainment world. Netizens also objected to Yuta’s age who was considered too young at the time to discuss with adults. Understandably, Abnormal Summit often discussed national, historical, and cultural issues from their respective countries. In less than a year of joining the program, Yuta finally chose to withdraw from Abnormal Summit to focus on preparing for his debut with NCT at the end of 2015.

“They said they would not take representatives from the same country again. I don’t understand why the original members should be replaced and why Takuya should be replaced by SM trainees who haven’t even debuted yet. This program will be destroyed if all the members are from SM. Please just change the title to ‘SM Summit’,” commented netizens. “Why they pull out Takuya if they want to add more Japanese members?” added another netizen. “I’m already tired of seeing SM everywhere,” added yet another netizen. “I think SM caused Takuya to leave. To be honest, there are currently no programs that are not starring SM artists,” commented other netizens. “This program seems to have to immediately close because of SM,” added another netizen.

Yuta Shares His Thoughts About An Imagined Financial Crisis In His Country


In the 57th episode of the Abnormal Summit program, when asked: “If there is a financial crisis in your country, would you leave?” Yuta raised his hand. When Zhang Yuan explained the reason first, Yuta only listened. But amid his explanation, the MC asked Zhang Yuan: “What if there were no other countries besides Japan?” and Zhang Yuan said, “That would be all right since it would be better to make money in Japan first and return it to China later.” Yuta was surprised and laughed when he listened to Zhang Yuan’s explanation. When the MC asked Yuta why, Yuta answered: “I don’t think that makes sense. First of all, he doesn’t speak Japanese.” Zhang Yuan was surprised and the entire cast laughed at his words.

Yuta Talks With FT. ISLAND’s Lee Hong-ki In Japanese


In the 73rd episode, Yuta said that he’s a big fan of Lee Hong-ki even before he came to Korea. When the MCs asked Lee Hong-ki: “Do you speak Japanese?” Lee Hong-ki said that he does but only a little bit. The MCs asked Yuta to test Lee Hong-ki’s Japanese. Yuta said “Hello” which was answered with “Hello” also by Lee Hong-ki. Then, Yuta continued: “I am Nakamoto Yuta from Japan,” and Lee Hong-ki also did the same thing. Yuta then said: “I have been a huge fan of FT Island and I have been listening to your songs quite often. I am looking forward to the show today.” Then, Lee Hong-ki asked Yuta to come closer to him, and the MCs stopped them. Yuta said that Lee Hong-ki used to be better.

Yuta Shows Off His Dancing Skills


In the 57th episode, Samy said that Yuta was very impressive because he always dances in the waiting room. He said that Yuta always dances whenever he finds time. Then, the MCs asked Yuta: “So, do you always practice dancing?” Yuta said that he did it. When he asked does Yuta dance with someone else’s songs, Yuta said: “No, I dance to our own songs.” The cast in the room was surprised to hear Yuta’s answer. So, they asked Yuta to show it to them and Yuta did it. After seeing Yuta’s dance, all the members in the room were amazed and praised Yuta’s dancing abilities.

Yuta Talks About the ‘Satori Generation’


In the 55th episode of Abnormal Summit, Nakamoto Yuta talked about the ‘Satori Generation’ in Japan. ‘Satori Generation’, Satori means realization or spiritual awakening in Japanese, this also stands for the young generation who gave up desires for money and success. Yuta said: “On the other hand, the problem in Japan is there are people who wouldn’t try. After the collapse of the bubble economy, there appeared something similar to a ‘Giving-up generation’ in Korea. Those who gave up on their desire since the collapse of the bubble economy. This is called ‘Satori Generation.'”

Then, Yuta added: “In Japan, these people have no desire, no hope, no purpose. They are just happy with their lives right now. They might not look ideal on the outside. And this group of people has become a problem. They are not working. They will be in an idle state.”