Get Closer to Lee Min-ho’s Mom In “Legend of the Blue Sea” Na Young-hee: Profile, Husband, Family, Drama List, etc

na younghee

2007 – In-soon Is Pretty (Supporting Role as Lee Sun-yeong, In-soon’s mother)

2008 – Cooking Up Romance (Supporting Role as Heo Jung-suk)

2008 – Family’s Honor (Supporting Role as Lee Yeong-in)

2008 – The World That They Live In / World Within (Supporting Role as Joon-yeong’s mother)

2008 – Hello, Schoolgirl (Supporting Role as Soo-young’s mother)

2009 – Queen of Housewives (Supporting Role as Jang Young-sook)

2009 – SBS’s Style (as Supporting Role)

2010 – The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (Guest Role as Na Young-hee)

2010 – A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (Supporting Role as Cha Yeon-shil, Sang-jun’s mother)

2010 – SBS’s Oh! My Lady (Guest Role as Gae-hwa’s former boss)

2010 – Gloria (Supporting Role as Yeo Jung-nan, Kang-suk’s mother)

2011 – SBS Paradise Farm (Supporting Role as Lee Bok-shim)

2011 – Baby-Faced Beauty (Supporting Role as Hyun Ji-sook)

2011 – Women in Our House (Supporting Role as Kim Jin-sook)

2012 – My Husband Got a Family (Main Role as Jang Yang-shil)

2012 – Horror Stories (Supporting Role as Lady Jang, Bak-ji’s mother on segment “Secret Recipe”)

2012 – SBS’s Rooftop Prince (Supporting Role as President Jang)

2012 – The Birth of a Family (Supporting Role as Jang Mi-hee)

2012 – Unbowed (Supporting Role as Kyung-ho’s wife)

2013 – KBS’s Good Doctor (Supporting Role as Lee Yeo-won, the Chief Director)

2014 – MBC’s Fated to Love You (Supporting Role as Yong’s mother)

2014 – MBC’s Mother’s Garden (Supporting Role as Yoo Ji-sun)

2014 – SBS’s You Who Came from the Stars (Supporting Role as Yang Mi-yoon, Song-yi’s mother)

2014-2015 – KBS2’s What Happens to My Family? (Supporting Role as Baek Sul-hee)

2015 – KBS’s The Producers (Supporting Role as Byeo Mi-sook, the CEO of Cindy’s agency Byun Entertainment)

2015 – SBS’s I Have a Lover (Supporting Role as Hong Se-hee)

2015 – MBC’s Glamorous Temptation (Supporting Role as Hyeong-woo’s mother)

2016 – MBC’s Lucky Romance (Supporting Role as Yang Hee-ae)

2016 – SBS’s Legend of the Blue Sea (Supporting Role as Mo Yoo-ran)

2017 – KBS’s My Golden Life (Supporting Role as Noh Myung-hee)

2017 – Forgotten (Supporting Role as Mother)

2018 – tvN’s About Time (Supporting Role as Jin Ra-hee)

Na Young-hee’s Husband and Family

na younghee

Back in 2015, media outlets reported that Na Young-hee and her husband agreed to divorce after living separately since the beginning of 2014. They had cross examinations done on January 5 at the court which was completed three weeks later. On June 4, the pair had their first trial. Na Young-hee married her dentist husband on October 24, 2001, which marked their second marriage. On the other hand, it is unknown whether they had any children during their marriage.