Get Closer to Lee Min-ho’s Mom In “Legend of the Blue Sea” Na Young-hee: Profile, Husband, Family, Drama List, etc

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Korean Actress Na Young-hee

Constantly appearing as the mother of the main cast of South Korea’s television series, the avid viewers of dramas might be familiar with the face of Na Young-hee. The actress debuted through MBC’s 10th open competition for actors and actresses in 1980 and was offered to star in Attorney Hong as her first role ever. Then, Na Young-hee was involved in both dramas and films though, at the present time, we can see her more often on the small screen. In addition, Na Young-hee has received many awards for her hard work and talented acting skills such as New Film Actress at the 18th Baeksang Arts Awards in 1982, Best Actress at the 3rd Korean Film Critics Association Awards in 1989, and Golden Acting Award, Actress in a Miniseries at the MBC Drama Awards in 2009.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Na Young-hee, including her full profile, the list of her television dramas, movies, and television shows, and her husband and family. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Na Young-hee

na younghee

Birth Name: Bang Sook-hee

Stage Name: Na Young-hee

Birth: Boeun-gun, North Chungcheongbuk, South Korea, March 3, 1961

Age: 58 (Korean age) / 57 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Talent Agency: Neos Entertainment, L&Holdings (Star Camp 202) (2016 – present)

List of Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

na younghee

Mostly known by viewers as the mother of the main characters or the villain that opposes the heroine, Na Young-hee has a long history of projects. Some pieces of her work portfolio are famous even to international fans such as You Who Came from the Stars, Rooftop Prince, The Producers, Legend of the Blue Sea, and About Time. Here, you may check the list of Na Young-hee’s drama, films, and television shows!

1980 – MBC’s Attorney Hong (Supporting Role)

1980 – The Man of the Past (Supporting Role)

1981 – Children of Darkness Part 1, Young-ae the Songstress (Main Role)

1982 – Come Unto Down (Supporting Role)

1982 – Ardent Love (Supporting Role)

1982 – A Night’s Heaven (Supporting Role)

1982 – Sea Gull, Don’t Fly Away (Supporting Role)

1982 – Woman of Fire ’82 (Main Role as Myung-ja)

1983 – Crying in a Butterfly’s Embrace (Supporting Role)

1983 – The Flower at the Equator (Supporting Role)

1983 – As Firm as a Stone (Supporting Role)

1983 – Rose Woman (Supporting Role)

1983 – A Woman’s Outing (Supporting Role)

1984 – The Last Day of That Summer (Supporting Role)

1984 – Woman Who Grabbed the Rod (Supporting Role)

1984 – Deer Hunting (Supporting Role)

1984 – The Gates of Independence (Main Role)

1985 – When You Least Expect It (Supporting Role as Shin Jae-ok)

1985 – Riding the Moonlight (Supporting Role)

1985 – It Happened at Night (Supporting Role)

1986 – With Her Eyes and Body (Supporting Role)

1986 – Hero’s Love Song / Love Song of a Hero (Supporting Role)

1986 – Closer, Further Closer (Supporting Role)

1987 – Janus’ Lady of Fire / Passionate Woman of Janus (Supporting Role)

1987 – 0.917 (Supporting Role)

1987 – Eve’s Second Bedroom (Supporting Role)

1988 – Don Quixote on Asphalt (Supporting Role)

1988 – Prostitution (Main Role)

1988 – The Winter That Year Was Warm (Main Role as Soo-ji)

1988 – The Lady in the Wall (Supporting Role)

1988 – Naked (Supporting Role)

1989 – Prostitution 2 (Main Role)

1989 – The Report of the Daughter-in-Law’s Rice Flower (Supporting Role)

1990 – Land of Paradise (Supporting Role)

1992 – Rose Garden (Supporting Role as Seo Ji-hye)

1993 – Conditions of Love (Main Role as Jang Seon-yeong)

1994 – Mom, the Star and the Sea Anemone (Supporting Role as Soo-young’s mother)

1995 – Till We Meet Again (Supporting Role as Oh Joo-yeong)

2000 – Mission Barabba / Jesus Is My Boss (Supporting Role as Seong-ae)

2003 – Baeksutalchul (Supporting Role as Go Yeong-soon)

2005 – Sad Love Story (Supporting Role as Seo Hyang-ja, Joon-young’s mother)

2005 – Wedding (Supporting Role as Sung Hae-rim, Se-na’s mother)

2005 – Youth in Barefoot (Supporting Role as In-ae or Mother)

2006 – Hello, God (Supporting Role as Huh Won-sook)

2006 – The Invisible Man (Main Role as Yeo Ji-won)

2006 – Queen of the Game (Supporting Role as Han Mi-sook, Shin-jun’s mother)

2006 – Miracle (Supporting Role as Kim Sook-hee)